IPCC AR6 WGIII SummaryForPolicymakers

We are delighted that the Summary for Policymakers of the IPCC Working Group III report, Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of climate change was approved on April 4 2022. This is a massive undertaking, incolving 195 member governments of the IPCC, through a virtual approval session that started on March 21. It is the third instalment of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) and it makes clear that there are options in all sectors to halve emissions by 2030 but that this depends on major shifts in a number of key sectors including the energy and industry sectors. The report also makes it clear that the next few years are critical and that clear signalling from governments and the international community, including a stronger alignment of public sector finance and policy, will be required to effectively mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts - which is critical to sustainable development.  

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