"Dear members of the WCRP community,

I am writing to you all today to express my personal dismay about the war of aggression that the Russian government has unleashed on Ukraine and its citizens. I am following here the ISC Governing Board, one of our co-sponsors, which expressed its unequivocal support of the Ukrainian people. The Governing Board also affirms its intention to assist scientists from Ukraine, and to seek to maintain international scientific collaboration amidst geopolitical tensions. The ISC therefore is not considering the suspension of any of its members. The statement of the ISC Governing Board can be read here: https://council.science/current/news/isc-statement-ukraine/  
As to our work, every member of WCRP bodies acts in a personal capacity and does not represent their country. Certainly, the conflict is impacting climate research and we have to await how the entire conflict will evolve. We all hope for the rapid return to peace and a rational interaction of nations. Until further notice, every member of all WCRP bodies must act according to the instructions given by their home institutions.
With respect to scientific events to be held in Russia or Ukraine, our clear advice is to find alternative options until peace is restored.

With best regards