An interview with Helen Cleugh, Vice-Chair of the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee, given to the International Science Council (ISC)

"Understanding the coupled climate system – or how the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, land surface and biosphere work together – requires research on a massive scale, informed by data and information from multiple sources all over the world. We’re very conscious that – as important as WCRP has been for coordinating climate science around the world over the past four decades – we have gaps in terms of our diversity. That has multiple dimensions, but one of them is around our connections in the regions of the world. This is not only about doing science and science coordination that’s useful and relevant for different parts of the world, it’s also about discovering the science that’s being done in those parts of the world and helping to share it with the rest of the global community" - Helen Cleugh.

To read the full interview with Helen Cleugh, see the ISC website