The WCRP CORDEX Science Advisory Team (SAT) invites you to submit proposals for Flagship Pilot Studies (FPS). These are targeted experimental setups that address CORDEX Scientific Challenges (image below).

This FPS call consists of two parts:

  • An open part where you suggest a topic of your choice as long as it follows the FPS Criteria & Guidelines
  • A part dedicated to Climate risks. Climatic hazards, and in particular their extremes, are responsible for much of the risk to human and natural systems associated with climate variability and change and often require high-resolution models to adequately simulate them including their potential changes due to climate change. These hazards include: tropical cyclones, heatwaves, extreme wind storms, drought, fires and orography induced processes such as extreme rainfall and related floods and landslides, downslope winds and convection, amongst others. We encourage FPS proposals that target risk-producing climatic hazards including assessing and improving simulations of the hazard, understanding the projected future changes, and quantifying the added-value that high-resolution/process-resolving brings to the simulation of the hazards and their changes.

As indicated in the FPS Criteria & Guidelines, the FPS proposals will be reviewed and endorsed by the CORDEX SAT, together with selected external reviewers, Further details on the FPS, together with instructions on how to submit your proposal and an application template, can be found on the CORDEX website. The deadline for applications is Thursday 15 September 2020. The successful proposals from this round will be presented on the CORDEX website.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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