Hamburg Workshop CoverAs part of the implementation of the WCRP Strategic Plan 2019-2028, representatives from across the WCRP community and key members of the wider science community were invited to attend a workshop to identify the most essential scientific directions for the Programme in the next decade.

The WCRP High-level Science Questions and Flagship Workshop, commonly called the "Hamburg Workshop", was held from 24 — 26 February 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, hosted by the Excellence Cluster of Climate, Climatic Change and Society (CLICCS), Universität Hamburg, and its partners.

The newly-published report from the workshop includes proposed new WCRP Implementation Priorities and Lighthouse Activities for the next decade. The WCRP community is now being consulted on the workshop outcomes and there will be further discussion over the next weeks, leading up to the WCRP Joint Scientific Session to be held online in May.