This year’s UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP) 25 is taking place in Spain from 2-13 December. This will be an important event for increasing ambition for the ocean and climate, but so far there have been limited opportunities to engage in this debate directly. Thinking about this, early career researchers created a new way to access the conversations taking place leading up to and at COP25.

#VirtualBlueCOP25 is a series of virtual free live events featuring a range of international and local experts, climate negotiators, and communities who are passionate about ocean and climate change related themes relevant to COP25. Led by Early Career Researchers, #VirtualBlueCOP25 promises to look at the future of ecosystems and is committed to furthering the conversations pertinent about ocean and climate change interplays. 

On Saturday the 7th of December, the #VirtualBlueCOP25 will hold a unique 24-hour event all around the world. It will give the opportunity to decision makers, scientists, activists, artists, NGOs and many more to share and take their work to the COP25 from their home country. Additionally, the 24-hour event will provide insights and updates on the international climate-ocean negotiations at COP25 with real-time discussion and analyses among a wide group of participants. Find out more here:

virtual blue