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The International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy, and in collaboration with CLIVAR, EGU and IUGG is calling for applications to the "ICTP Summer School on Theory, Mechanisms and Hierarchical Modelling of Climate Dynamics: Multiple Equilibria in the Climate System", to be held from 25 June to 2 July 2018 at ICTP in Trieste.

The school includes lectures on theoretical aspects of atmosphere, ocean and climate dynamics, with a focus on latest knowledge, relevant mechanisms and hypotheses around multiple equilibrium states. Afternoons will include practical sessions. The school will be followed by the "2nd Meeting on Monsoons and Tropical Rain Belts", 2-5 July 2018 likewise in Trieste, and organized through the WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity. Application deadline for both is 1 March 2018. For details see the ICTP homepages.