Kan pic1WCRP works closely with Future Earth and Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) to address a newly-developed Knowledge-Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events. Have a glance at the discussion through a summary video.

At a scoping workshop for a network on emergent risks and extreme events (Tokyo, Japan, 22 November 2017), the GC-Extremes leaders discussed with experts and professions representing diverse aspects of disasters and climate-related risks on possible research priorities, practical collaborations and near-term governance of the Knowledge-Action Network. A detailed summary can be found at http://www.futureearth.org/news/workshop-network-emergent-risks-and-extreme-events-held-tokyo.

This KAN aims to build a global partnership and network of science excellence and practitioner expertise across disciplines and sectors, to accelerate integration and synthesis for ground breaking and solution oriented research and synthesis for disaster risk reduction; and further integration for respective governance and decision making under global environmental and societal change. In doing so, WCRP through the leaders of the Grand Challenge on Weather and Climate Extremes (GC-Extremes) brings in extensitive expertise on data resources, modelling and simulations, and assessment on weather and climate extremes and other climate related hazards. By collaborating through the KAN, WCRP and partner programmes are to provide integrative synthesis capacity across disciplines by a mix of inter-/trans-disciplinary expertise, and share expertiences and methodologies in research and stakeholder engagement with societal actors (business, administration, policy, NGOs).