The fifth IMBeR IMBIZO (the Zulu word for a gathering) will be hosted by the Ocean, Carbon & Biogeochemistry Group at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA, USA from 2-5 October 2017. Deadline for abstracts: 15 June 2017. The meeting will consist of three concurrent but interacting workshops, with joint plenary and poster sessions. This year workshops are on:

  1. Critical constraints on future projections of marine systems
  2. Metabolic diversity and evolution in marine biogeochemical cycling and ocean ecosystem processes 
  3. Management Strategy Evaluation: Achieving transparency in natural resource management by quantitatively bridging social and natural science uncertainties 

There is also a bonus workshop on infographics to be held before the meeting. For further information see the IMBeR IMBIZO5 meeting webpages.

imbizo5 meeting banner