SPARCnewsletter48The latest SPARC eNews Bulletin and SPARC Newsletter are now available.

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SPARC eNews Bulletin for January 2017. Highlights include:

SPARC's January Newsletter is also out now! Including:

  • Report on the 24th SPARC Scientific Steering Group Meeting
  • WCRP/SPARC Workshop: “Challenges for Climate Science – Synergies between SPARC and the WCRP Grand Challenges”
  • CMIP6 and Involvement of SPARC Activities
  • Report on the International Workshop on Stratosphere-Troposphere Dynamical Coupling in the Tropics
  • Report on the SPARC Gravity Wave Symposium
  • The Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation: Confronting Model Biases and Uncovering Mechanisms SPARC/DynVar and S-RIP Workshop
  • Update on SOLARIS-HEPPA Activities: New Working Groups
  • Workshop on Drag Processes and their Links to the Large-Scale Circulation
  • Report on the SPARC QBO Workshop: The QBO and its Global Influence - Past, Present and Future
  • The 12th SPARC Data Assimilation Workshop and 2016 S-RIP Workshop