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WCRP Climate Research Forum - Europe and Western Asia

Workshop on Extremes in Climate Prediction Ensembles (ExCPEns)

The purpose of the  WCRP Workshop on Extremes in Climate Prediction Ensembles (ExCPEns), which will be held from 25 to 27 october 2021 and followed by an ECS training and discussion forum (27-28 October 2021), is to provide a focal point for current research aimed at exploiting subseasonal, seasonal, annual to decadal and longer-term prediction ensembles to improve the prediction and understanding of extreme weather and climate events.

  • To submit an abstract and to apply for the ECS training and

We have launched a competition to improve, through Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning techniques, the current precipitation and temperature forecasts for 3 to 6 weeks into the future from the best computational fluid dynamic models available today. Teams can win several prizes, up to 15K. To find out more and get involved, click the heading above.

Note: Town halls on 2 June and 10 June 2021!

S2S Competition 2021