Offenbach, Germany, 28-30 October 2015


  • Priority in education and capacity development, to ensure success of the entire WMO implementation for research and operation in the long term;
  • Organizational effort to support and nurture global early career communities, particularly through WMO & WMO-sponsored research programmes, as the foundation of future intellectual leadership of WMO in weather and climate science;
  • Requests by the steering committees of the WMO & WMO-sponsored research programmes including WCRP, WWRP, and GAW, to: 1) help build the international early career community for weather and climate science, nurturing new ideas and future leadership of the WMO programmes; and, 2) bridge the gaps between traditional disciplines in weather and climate science;
  • This is a bottom-up proposal from early career researchers to bring together international interdisciplinary community of young Earth system scientists for WMO, through a series of international early career researchers workshops.

Workshop Goals:

Aiming to bring together a bottom-up-organized, truly international early career community for WMO, the workshop will:

  • Discuss and scope current and future research plans for Earth system sciences in the research arms of WMO – including WCRP, WWRP, and GAW – by putting together the unique first generation of interdisciplinarily educated Earth system scientists.
  • Discuss gaps and synergies between research in WWRP, WCRP, and GAW, as well as in the WCRP Grand Challenges, in an attempt to find areas for future enhancement where early career researchers should lead and play the major roles.
  • Stimulate interaction among young scientists in weather and climate research, creating synergetic environments to focus on integrated Earth system research questions for the next decades.

Workshop Deliverables:

  • A white paper on the selected science topics (see Annex), as a joint publication and a report to the steering committees of WCRP, WWRP, and GAW to enhance links between science leadership and early career researchers.
  • A recognized early career researchers network for WMO, with clear goals for both scientific priorities and communication strategies that are aligned with those of WMO programmes.