Digital Earths 1
The WCRP Digital Earths Lighthouse Activity aims to advance the exploration and development of high-resolution land models and land-atmosphere coupling, emphasizing the significance of collaborative efforts, knowledge exchange, and the integration of land-surface processes in km-scale global climate modeling.

This seminar series will 

  1. Establish a platform for ongoing dialogue among researchers focusing on km-scale climate system models, with a particular emphasis on integrating land-surface processes and land-atmosphere interactions, especially hydrological cycles. This is to enhance model accuracy in weather, climate, and environmental hazard predictions.

  2. Highlight advancements in km-scale climate modeling, encouraging the exchange of insights and methodologies, and promoting intercomparisons and joint analyses among various models. There is a specific emphasis on the need for a comprehensive representation of land-surface processes in the km-scale global climate modeling.

  3. Share research updates, fostering collaboration, and coordinating joint efforts within the community. This will facilitate a deeper understanding of land surface processes and land-atmosphere interactions at high resolutions, encouraging community-wide discussions on emerging opportunities and challenges. 

The series is co-convened by Min-Hui Lo (National Taiwan University), Andy Newman (NCAR), Yifan Cheng (NCAR), and Andrew Gettelman (PNNL).

Upcoming events

1. Towards more actionable climate modeling: Optimizing land parameters in km-scale regional climate models - Webinar - 10 April 2024, 15:00 UTC. 

Speaker: Dr Yifan Cheng 

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