WMO at COP27

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) will take place from November 6 to 18 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Here are a few of the key events from a WCRP perspective:

WCRP - Climate Information for Decision Making

9 November 2022, 9:00 – 10:30 (UTC+2)
WMO/IPCC/MERI Science Pavilion
COP27 - Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Anthropogenic climate change brings significant challenges and risks that affect almost all aspects of life on Earth. This is particularly true for urban areas and communities in the Global South. This session explores the key priorities and requirements for improving the quality and the usefulness of regional to local scale climate information for decision-making, adaptation planning, mitigation monitoring, reporting, and verification. It links to the planned IPCC Special Report on Cities and Climate Change. Watch full recording here.

FacilitatorMike Sparrow, in person

IntroductionDetlef Stammer & Helen Cleugh, virtual

1. “Characterization of Societal Needs”

  • Bruce Hewitson – “Bringing society into the science,” virtual
  • Regina Rodrigues – “Inverting the construction on climate information for local-to-regional climate risk,” virtual
  • Questions

2. “Methods for Observing and Modelling Change”

  • Christian Jakob – “Observing and Modelling the climate for a net-zero emissions future,” virtual
  • Daniela Jacob – "Regional climate change information for risk assessments and adaptation action", virtual
  • Questions

3. “Impacts and Attribution”

  • Gabi Hegerl – Attribution and prediction: mean temperatures and extreme heat, virtual
  • Wendy Broadgate – “Earth Commission: Safe and just Earth system boundaries for a stable and resilient planet,” in person
  • June-Yi Lee – “Advances in developing physical climate information for decision making in the AR6 WGI,” in person
  • Sonia Seneviratne –“Past and projected changes in weather and climate extremes” virtual
  • Questions

10 New Insights in Climate Science 2022

Press Conference
10 November 2022, 11:00 –11:30 (UTC+2) NOTE: Updated time
Blue Zone, Press room 1 - Cairo
COP27 - Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
Panel Discussion
12 November 2022, 15:30 – 16:10 (UTC+2)
“Pathways to 1.5” Pavilion
COP27 - Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Overview: Dynamic discussion of the topics that comprise the 10 New Insights in Climate Science, as pertinent to the COP27 agenda including loss and damage, limits to adaptation, health, vulnerability hot spots, and security. After a brief presentation of the 10 insights, speakers will open with a statement of their take on one or more of the insights and cross-cutting themes from a perspective of urgent transformation needed and the present context of COP27. Panelists will discuss key issues and engage in a Q&A with the audience.

Speakers include:

  • Prof. Johan Rockström, Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (Earth League)
  • Dr. Peter Schlosser, Vice President and Vice Provost, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory, Arizona State University (Earth League)
  • Prof. Saleem Huq, International Centre for Climate Change and Development, Bangladesh
  • Dr. Kristie L. Ebi, Professor in the Center for Health and the Global Environment, Future Earth Governing Council Co-Chair (Earth League)

Link: https://10insightsclimate.science

Global Carbon Budget Launch

UN Press Conference & launch of Global Carbon Budget 2022. Friday 11 November, 09:00 Egypt time (07:00 GMT) Press Conference Room, Luxor Taba Area, COP27
Speakers include: Prof. Pierre Friedlingstein, University of Exeter; Prof. Julia Pongratz, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München; Prof. Rob Jackson, Stanford University; Jens Nielsen, CEO World Climate Foundation
2022 GCP Carbon Budget, Scaling Solutions and the Role of Agriculture. Friday 11 November, 16:45 Egypt time (14:45 GMT) Room Osiris, COP27
Global Carbon Budget 2022: Results & Implications for Rainforest Nations & the Paris Agreement. Saturday 12 November, 11:00 Egypt time (09:00 GMT), Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CfRN) Pavilion, COP27
Global Carbon Budget 2022: Announcement Session at the World Climate Summit. Sunday 13 November, 16:00 Egypt time (14:00 GMT), Park Regency, Sharm El-Sheikh, COP27

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WMO - The Science for Climate Action Pavilion at COP27

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