22-24 January 2024 | Bristol University, Bristol, United Kingdom

Location: Clifton Hill House

Meeting Report

The workshop goal is to assemble current knowledge on Transient Climate Response to cumulative carbon Emissions (TCRE) and Zero Emissions Commitment (ZEC) in the context of carbon budgets and to create a plan to move forward towards an assessment over the next 1-2 years. Each session will be a mix of talks and discussions with 2-3 keynote speakers and a discussion moderator. For each session, we also invite short talks. The workshop is by invitation only.

Session Topics - Summary:

  1. Understanding TCRE and ZEC components
    1. Frameworks for investigating the processes and contributions to TCRE, ZEC, and identifying where uncertainty comes from (e.g., Jones & Friedlingstein or Williams et al)
    2. Land/Ocean processes (e.g., L and: CO2 fertilization, permafrost; ocean: co-uptake of heat/CO2 (“nexus”), and the role of different basins)
  2. Observational constraints
    1. Emergent constraints - e.g., on whole system? Or components? Are there any other observational constraints across timescales?
  3. Combining lines of evidence
    1. Use of simple models/emulators and model hierarchy.
    2. Combining TCRE and ZEC into constrained carbon budget information

Organising Committee:

Chris Jones, Pierre Friedlingstein, Tatiana Ilyina, Roland Seferian

Main contact: Chris Jones (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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