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We are excited to announce that WCRP has launched a new logo and brand identity, developed by the award-winning Parenti & Co agency in Geneva. The new logo was agreed by the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) in February 2024 after substantial discussions and consideration. The new WCRP website branding was launched on 2 March 2024, with the rest of the new branding to be rolled out over the next few weeks.

The new appearance of WCRP aspires to be modern, flexible and responsive to the needs of society. The four colours in the new logo are inspired by planet Earth as an interconnected system: green for land, blue for the ocean and water, cyan for ice, and yellow for the atmosphere. The gradients of these colours represent the ever-evolving climate flows that we see on meteorological maps, the collaboration between scientists across the globe, and WCRP’s objective of bridging the gap between climate science and society. Lisa Parenti, Director of Parenti & Co. outlines that “it's more than just a logo, it’s a whole brand identity system, an interconnected system of colours, shapes, fonts and balance.”

To demonstrate that WCRP is a family of activities, with Core Projects, Lighthouse Activities, an Academy, and other core initiatives, individual logos within the new branding landscape have also been made available to all WCRP’s core activities. We are encouraged that many of the activities are on board and will soon be launching related logos and branding of their own.

Detlef Stammer, Chair of the JSC, looks at the new branding as a step in the process of renewing WCRP and the last step in launching the new Programme: “This entirely new branding reflects the modern WCRP, which is ready to meet urgent needs for climate science in the present critical time of climate change. WCRP is committed to delivering fundamental and solution-orientated climate science in an inclusive and responsive way.”