The 11th International Carbon Dioxide Conference (ICDC11) is scheduled to take place in Manaus, Brazil, from July 29th to August 2nd, 2024. This quadrennial event garners extensive international participation from the global carbon cycle and climate research community, establishing itself as a cornerstone gathering within this field. As one of the foremost conferences dedicated to the global carbon cycle, ICDC11 holds significant importance for researchers and practitioners alike, facilitating crucial exchanges of knowledge and insights that drive advancements in understanding and addressing carbon-related challenges on a global scale.

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Located in the heart of the Amazon, ICDC11 provides a unique platform to delve into the intricate dynamics of the global carbon cycle, with a particular emphasis on the Amazon region, amid the backdrop of an El NiƱo event and the inaugural Global Stocktake. This conference fosters insightful dialogue that bridges scientific advancements, technological innovations, and policy imperatives aimed at carbon management and mitigation.

Attendees can anticipate a stimulating array of plenary sessions, dynamic poster presentations, and parallel sessions that foster interdisciplinary collaboration. The cornerstone of the conference program is the inclusion of plenary and poster sessions, prioritized to cultivate interdisciplinary discourse and provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the carbon cycle within the Earth System. Posters will remain on display throughout the week, offering ample opportunities for presentation and discussion. Additionally, Thursday will feature three parallel sessions to accommodate diverse interests.

Beyond the formal sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to partake in a conference dinner and various excursion options, providing a serene setting for exchanging ideas amidst the ambiance of the Amazon.