This Statement originated from the Regional Sea Level Changes and Coastal Impacts Conference in New York, July 2017.

Sea Level 2017 Conference Statement

Statement text:

"More than 350 Participants from 42 nations attending the five-day WCRP/IOC Sea Level 2017 Conference at Columbia University in New York recognize that sea-level rise has accelerated over the past 100 years due to global warming. Conference participants, representing natural scientists, social scientists, coastal engineers, managers and planners, discussed evidence indicating that sea-level rise represents a major challenge for coastal societies. Scientists need to work more closely with a broad stakeholder community to enhance understanding of sea-level change, and to project its regional mean and extreme states. This is essential for assessing sea-level rise impacts, as well as for enhancing climate mitigation and adaptation measures over the short-, medium- and long-term."...

Read the full Sea Level 2017 Conference Statement, which attracted 273 signatories from 37 countries.

Sea Level Change