Tipping Elements Events Series

The Safe Landing Climates Lighthouse Activity, partnering with AIMES and the Earth Commission, has four exciting discussions planned for early 2022. Join us for talks on the role of permafrost, ice sheets, ocean, and monsoons in tipping elements, irreversibility, and abrupt change in the Earth System. Please see our event website for more information and to register.

Tipping Points Ice Sheets

We are delighted to report that our event on ice sheets, which was postponed in November, will now take place on 25 January 2022, 16:00-17:30 CET. For more details and to register, click the heading above.

2021 Arctic Report Card

NOAA’s 2021 Arctic Report Card documents the numerous ways that climate change continues to fundamentally alter this once reliably-frozen region, as increasing heat and the loss of ice drive its transformation into a warmer, less frozen and more uncertain future. 

Read NOAA's 2021 Arctic Report Card and watch the video summary.


Tipping Elements, Irreversibility and Abrupt Change - Permafrost

The third event in the discussion series on tipping elements focused on permafrost and took place on 17 January 2022, 16:00-17:30 CET.

It included two excellent talks:

  • An update on permafrost tipping – Hanne Hvidtfeld Christiansen
  • Model insight on permafrost change  - Gustaf Hugelius

The video recording and the slides from the talks are now available on our event site..

GEWEX Pan-Gass meeting

The GEWEX Global Atmospheric System Studies Panel (GASS) will hold its 3rd Pan-GASS Meeting, Understanding and Modeling Atmospheric Processes (UMAP 2022) in Monterey, CA, USA, from 25-29 July 2022. The program will include all aspects and methods of model development from deterministic numerics to stochastic forcing; process modeling to parametrization; observational constraints to diagnostic techniques; and idealized modeling to operational forecasting and climate predictions. The purpose of the