Monsoon systems research is crucial not only for scientific improvements but also for socio-economic applications, that will benefit society. As part of our efforts to share this knowledge, we are launching a series of webinars on global and regional monsoons, in line with the three working groups of the panel. These webinars will be a platform to exchange knowledge, to discuss past and ongoing activities within the Monsoons Panel, and to explore methods that the scientific community and other stakeholders can engage. 

The first webinar in this series was on Global Monsoon, chaired by Dr Suryachandra Rao Anguluri, a senior scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune.  

The second webinar in this series was on Asian-Australian Monsoon. It was chaired by Dr Thea Turkington (Centre for Climate Research Singapore, Singapore) and Dr Gill Martin (Met Office Hadley Centre, UK).  

The third webinar in this series will be on the African Monsoon. Dr Rondrotiana Barimalala (NORCE, Bergen, Norway) and Dr Akintomide Akinsasola (University of Illinois Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory).