The Global Extremes Platform (GEP) builds upon and integrates activities on weather and climate extremes across WCRP. It is designed to make a contribution to improving the ways of delivering science, information, and data concerning extremes in a well-synthesized format for the climate research community, policymakers, and other users of climate science. To achieve this, GEP is developing a public-facing database that can offer global extreme indices data products derived from station observations, reanalysis products, and model simulations. GEP is also establishing a Working Group on Event Attribution that aims at developing expert guidance to ensure event attribution information, particularly in an operational context, is clear, robust, and consistent.

GEP centres on three main themes:

  • Extreme Indices
  • Event Attribution
  • Assessment of Weather and Climate Extremes

Call for self-nomination of the Global Extremes Platform (GEP) Working Group on Event Attribution membership is now closed.

For more information about GEP, visit the GEP webpage here.