Led by Christian Jakob (Monash Univ., Australia) & Masahiro Watanabe (Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Aim: Interpret and reduce model errors to gain confidence in projections and predictions.
Focus: Long-standing model biases (at least a few of them); Understand how model errors or shortcomings impact projections and predictions; Gain physical understanding of the climate system through model development.

Initiative 5

Related meetings:

13-17 October 2014: The Climate Symposium 2014 - Darmstadt, Germany
A session on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity" will be held on October 14th, 2014 during which the observational needs of the Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity Grand Challenge will be discussed.

24-28 March 2014: WCRP Grand Challenge Workshop: Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity, Rottach-Egern, Germany

2-4 October 2013: 17th Session of the WGCM, Victoria CANADA
Focus: All initiatives: "GC progress, prospect and overall coordination - link to CMIP"

24 June-5 July 2013: International Summer School on Clouds and Climate, Les Houches, FRANCE
Focus: All initiatives: "Clouds and Climate"

15-19 April 2013: WGNE Workshop on Model Systematic Errors, Exeter UK.
Focus: Initiative #5: "What key model biases should we aim at reducing in priority?"