Monday, 7 May 2012
Status and Plans
  Atmospheric Reanalyses
Tuesday, 8 May 2012
Integrated Earth System Analysis   Ocean and Sea Ice Reanalyses
Wednesday, 9 May 2012
Land Reanalysis   Data Assimilation
Thursday, 10 May 2012
User Applications | In Situ Observations | Remotely Sensed Observations
Friday, 11 May 2012
Advancing Reanalyses   Agency Priorities Panel Discussion














Poster Presentations  


Monday, 7 May 2012
0730 - 0830 Registration and Continental Breakfast  
0830 - 0845 Welcome and Practical Information Michael Bosilovich, NASA/GMAO
0845 - 0900 Welcome Address Ghassem Asrar, WCRP
  Status and Plans Chair: Katzutoshi Onogi, JMA
0900 - 0945 Keynote Address:
Challenges of Reanalysis: Past, Present, and Future
[Abstract | PPT]
Adrian Simmons, ECMWF
0945 - 1015 MERRA and Beyond - Towards the Development of Integrated Earth System Analysis at the NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office [Abstract | PPT] Michael Bosilovich, NASA/GMAO
1015 - 1045 Break  
  Status and Plans (continued) Chair: Michael Bosilovich, NASA/GMAO
1045 - 1115 Reanalysis at the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Prediction [Abstract | PPT] Robert Kistler, NOAA/NCEP
1115 - 1145 Developing the Sparse Input Reanalysis for Climate Applications (SIRCA), 1850-2013 [Abstract | PPT] Gil Compo, CIRES/CDC and NOAA ESRL/PSD
1145 - 1215 The Japanese 55-Year Reanalysis (JRA-55): Progress and Status [Abstract | PPT] Katzutoshi Onogi, JMA
1215 - 1330 Lunch  
  Status and Plans (continued) Chair: Suru Saha, NOAA/NCEP
1330 - 1400 ECMWF Status and Plans [Abstract | PPT] Dick Dee, ECMWF
1400 - 1430 Ocean Reanalysis: status and plans [Abstract | PPT] Detlef Stammer, University of Hamburg
  Atmospheric Reanalyses Chairs: Gil Compo, CIRES/CDC and NOAA ESRL/PSD; Ana Nunes, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
1430 - 1500 Regional Reanalyses: Why Bother? [Abstract | PPT] Invited Talk: Dale Barker, UK Met Office
1500 - 1530 CORDEX and NARCCAP: Foundation in Reanalyses [Abstract | PPT] Invited Talk: William Gutowski, Iowa State University
1530 - 1600 Break and Poster Display  
1600 - 1615 Evaluating the Tropospheric Variability in NECP's
Climate Forecast System Reanalysis [Abstract | PPT]
Muthuvel Chelliah, CPC/NCEP/NWS
1615 - 1645 Assessing Changes in Climate Extremes over the 20th and 21st Century [Abstract | PPT] Invited Talk: Prashant Sardesmukh, CIRES, NOAA/ESRL
1645 - 1700 Recent Changes in Tropospheric Water Vapor Over the Arctic as Assessed from Radiosondes and Atmospheric Reanalyses [Abstract | PPT] Mark Serreze, NSIDC/CIRES
1700 - 1715 Use of Reanalyses to Examine Climate Model Errors in Short Forecasts [Abstract | PPT] Dave Williamson, NCAR
1715 - 1730 Using "Replay" to MERRA for AGCM Model Development [Abstract | PPT] Andrea Molod, NASA/GMAO
1730 Adjourn  
1800 Reception and Poster Viewing  
Tuesday, 8 May 2012
0730 - 0830 Registration and Continental Breakfast  
  Integrated Earth System Analysis Chair: Michael Bosilovich, NASA/GMAO
0830 - 0900 MERRAero: The MERRA Aerosol Reanalysis [Abstract | PPT]
Invited Talk: Arlindo da Silva, NASA GSFC
0900 - 0920 20th Century Isotope Reanalysis [Abstract | PPT] Kei Yoshimura, University of Tokyo
0920 - 0940 Surface Water and Energy Budgets over the Northern Hemisphere in Three Data Assimilation Systems [Abstract | PPT]
Rongqian Yang, EMC/NCEP/NWS/NOAA
0940 - 1000 Very High Resolution Arctic System Reanalysis for 2000-2011 [Abstract | PPT] David Bromwich, Ohio State University
1000 - 1030 Break  
1030 - 1200 Poster Session  
1200 - 1330 Early Career Scientists/Students Luncheon Antonio J. Busalacchi, ESSIC
Bill Corso, USRA
Aschok Kaveeshwar, STC
Michele Rienecker, NASA
  Ocean and Sea Ice Reanalyses Chair: Detlef Stammer, University of Hamburg
1330 - 1400 Assessing the Robustness of Climate Signals in the New ECMWF Ocean Reanalysis System 4 (ORAS4)
[Abstract | PPT]
Invited Talk: Magdalena Balmaseda, ECMWF
1400 - 1415 Reanaylzed Ocean-Atmosphere Characteristics of Tropical Instability Waves Simulated in the NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis [Abstract | PPT] Caihong Wen, NOAA NCEP/Wyle IS/CPC
1415 - 1430 Reanalyzed Oceanic Variability from GFDL Ensemble Coupled Data Assimilation [Abstract | PPT] Shaoqing Zhang, GFDL/NOAA
1430 - 1445 An Eddy-Resolving Ocean Reanalysis Using the 1/12° Global HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model and the Navy Coupled Ocean Data Assimilation Scheme [Abstract | PPT] E. Joseph Metzger, NRL
1445 - 1500 An Ensemble Estimation of the Variability of Upper-ocean Heat Content over the Tropical Atlantic Ocean with Multi-Ocean Reanalysis Products [Abstract | PPT] Jieshun Zhu, COLA/IGES
1500 - 1515 Historical Ocean Ensemble Reanalyses [Abstract | PPT] Benjamin Giese, Texas A&M University
1515 - 1530 Detecting Historical Ocean Climate Variability [Abstract | PPT] James Carton, University of Maryland
1530 - 1600 Break and Poster Display  
1600 - 1630 What Data Assimilation Increments of an Eddy-Permitting Global Ocean Reanalysis Tell Us about Deep Convection in the Labrador Sea [Abstract | PPT] Bernard Barnier, CNRS
1630 - 1645 The CMCC Eddy-Permitting Global Ocean Reanalysis (1991-2010) [Abstract | PPT] Andrea Storto, CMCC
1645 - 1700 Heat and Freshwater Budgets Estimated from Global Eddy-Permitting Reanalyses over 1989-2010 [Abstract] Bernard Barnier, CNRS, for Maria Valdivieso, ESSC
1700 - 1715 GLORYS ¼° Global Ocean Reanalysis and Simulations of the Period 1992-Present [Abstract | PPT] Laurent Parent, Mercator Océan
1715 - 1730 Discussion  
1730 Adjourn  
Wednesday, 9 May 2012
0730 - 0830 Registration and Continental Breakfast  
  Land Reanalysis Chair: Michael Ek, NOAA/NCEP
0830 - 0900 Land Surface Analysis and Reanalysis at the NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office
[Abstract | PPT]
Invited Talk: Rolf Reichle, NASA/GSFC
0900 - 0920 Land Evapotranspiration in Reanalyses: Comparisons to Observations-Based Data Sets, Land-Surface Models, and IPCC AR4 Simulations [Abstract | PPT] EGU Young Ambassador: Brigitte Mueller, ETH Zurich
0920 - 0940 Development of Global 0.5-Degree Hourly Land Surface Air Temperature Data from 1948-2009 Based on the CRU In Situ Data as well as MERRA, ERA-40, ERA-Interim, and NCEP Reanalysis Data
[Abstract | PPT]
Xubin Zeng, University of Arizona
0940 - 1000 Land Surface Climatology in the NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis [Abstract | PPT] Jesse Meng, NOAA/NCEP/EMC
1000 - 1030 Break  
1030 - 1200 Poster Session  
1200 - 1330 Lunch  
  Data Assimilation Chairs: Dick Dee, ECMWF; Robert Kistler, NOAA/NCEP
1330 - 1400 Data Assimilation for Reanalysis [Abstract | PPT] Invited Talk: Dick Dee, ECMWF
1400 - 1420 Diagnosis of Data Assimilation Systems: Observation Impact Estimation, Error Covariance Matrix Optimization, and Analysis Error Estimation
[Abstract | PPT]
Toshiyuki Ishibashi, JMA MRI
1420 - 1440 A Fast Flow Adaptive Error Covariance Estimation Technique and Application [Abstract | PPT]
Christian Keppenne, NASA/GSFC
1440 - 1500 WRF Atmospheric Data Assimilation: Lessons Learned from Arctic System Reanalysis [Abstract | PPT]
Zhiquan Liu, NCAR
1500 - 1520 Problems Found in CFSR and Solutions Tested for CFSRL [Abstract | PPT] Jack Woollen, IMSG/NOAA/NCEP
1520 - 1550 Break and Poster Display  
1550 - 1610 Variational Bias Correction for Radiosonde Data [Abstract | PPT]
Marco Milan, University of Vienna
1610 - 1640 The Unique Challenges of Middle Atmosphere Data Assimilation [Abstract | PPT]
Invited Talk: Saroja Polavarapu, Environment Canada
1640 - 1725 Keynote Address: Global Ocean Reanalyses at Eddy-Permitting Resolution: Insights from the European Project MyOcean [Abstract | PPT] Bernard Barnier, CNRS
1725 Adjourn  
Thursday, 10 May 2012
0730 - 0830 Registration and Continental Breakfast  
  User Applications Chair: Siegfried Schubert, NASA GSFC
0830 - 0845 Diabatic Heating Profiles in GFSR, MERRA, and ERA-Interim [Abstract | Chidong Zhang, University of Miami
0845 - 0900 A Water Cycle Perspective on the Connection Between Precipitation Extremes and Circulation Anomaly [Abstract | PPT]
Paul Dirmeyer, George Mason University and COLA/IGES
0900 - 0915 Drought Monitoring and Prediction Based on the Climate Forecast System Reanalysis and Reforecasts [Abstract | PPT]
Kingste Mo, NOAA/NWS/CPC
0915 - 0930 An Evaluation and Application of Tropical Cyclones within Reanalysis Data Sets [Abstract | PPT]
Ben Schenkel, Florida State University
0930 - 0945 Using Ocean Reanalysis to Validate CMIP5 Historical Experiments in the Tropical Pacific Ocean
[Abstract | PPT]
Chunxue Yang, Texas A&M University
0945 - 1000 How Reanalysis Can Reduce Wind Resource Long-Term Assessment Uncertainty [Abstract | PPT]
Gil Lizcano, Vortex
1000 - 1030 Break  
1030 - 1200 Poster Session  
1200 - 1330 Lunch  
1330 - 1400 An Evaluation of Reanalysis Energy Transports between Ocean and Land [Abstract | PPT]
Invited Talk: Kevin Trenberth, NCAR
  In Situ Observations Chair: Russell Vose, NOAA/NCDC
1400 - 1430 Bias Corrections for the Global In Situ Upper Air Temperature and Wind Data Set [Abstract | PPT]
Invited Talk: Leopold Haimberger, University of Vienna
1430 - 1445 Enhanced Data Coverage in Version 2 of the Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive [Abstract | PPT]
Imke Durre, NOAA NCDC
1445 - 1500 Uncertainty in Radiosonde Temperatures Trend in China Relating to Homogenization Using Reanalysis as Reference and Comparison with Satellite Data [Abstract | PPT] Yanjun Guo, CMA National Climate Center
1500 - 1515 The Marine Surface Reference Data Set ICOADS: Status, Future, and IVAD [Abstract | PPT] Steve Worley, NCAR
1515 - 1530 What Is the GCOS Reference Upper Air Network (GRUAN) and How Can It Be Useful to Reanalysis Efforts? [Abstract | PPT]
Dian Seidel, NOAA R/ARL
1530 - 1600 Break and Poster Display  
  Remotely Sensed Observations Chair: Roger Saunders, Met Office
1600 - 1630 Assimilation of Satellite Observations in Global Reanalysis: A Double-Edged Sword [Abstract | PPT]
Invited Talk: Paul Poli, ECMWF
1630 - 1645 EUMETSAT Satellite Data Records for Reanalysis [Abstract | PPT] Joerg Schulz, EUMETSAT
1645 - 1700 Climate Data Records from Microwave Satellite Data: A New High Quality Data Source for Reanalyses [Abstract | PPT] Isaac Moradi, University of Maryland
1700 - 1715 Use of the Reprocessed GMS/MTSAT Data in JRA-55 [Abstract | PPT] Shinya Kobayashi, JMA
1715 - 1730 Observations and Forcing Data for the ERA-CLIM Project [Abstract | PPT] Hans Hersbach, ECMWF
1730 Adjourn  
Friday, 11 May 2012
0730 - 0830 Continental Breakfast  
  Advancing Reanalyses Chair: Michael Bosilovich, NASA/GMAO
0830 - 0850 The MACC Reanalysis: An 8-Year Data Set on Atmospheric Composition [Abstract | PPT] Adrian Simmons, ECMWF
0850 - 0910 A Comparative Analysis of Upper Ocean Heat Content Variability from an Ensemble of Operational Ocean Reanalyses [Abstract | PPT]
0910 - 0930 Extending the Use of Satellite Data for Reanalyses [Abstract | PPT]
Roger Saunders, Met Office
0930 - 0950 An Intercomparison of Temperature Trends in the U.S. Historical Climatology Network and Recent Atmospheric Reanalyses [Abstract | PPT] Russell Vose, NOAA/NCDC
0950 - 1010 The Role of Reanalysis in Model Validation and Attribution Studies [Abstract | PPT] Siegfried Schubert, NASA/GSFC
1010 - 1040 Break  
  Agency Priorities: An Open Panel Discussion with Conference Participants Chair: Ghassem Asrar, Director of WCRP
1040 - 1340 Agency Priorities: An Open Panel Discussion with Conference Participants
Representatives from the DOE, EC, ECMWF, ESA, JMA, NASA, and NOAA (others TBA) discuss the following topics:
  • Current and future plans, programs and priorities for developing and/or fostering the use of reanalysis products
  • Agency perspectives on associated opportunities and challenges so as to develop a common understanding
  • Requirements of agencies/entities and the scientific community to fulfill their respective mission
  • How the agencies can sustain each other in this process in a collaborative way.
DOE: Joseph Renu
EC: Claus Bruning (by videoconference)
ECMWF: Dick Dee
ESA: Michael Rast
JMA: Kazutoshi Onogi
NASA: David Considine
NOAA: Don Anderson
NSF: Anjuli Bamzai  
  4th WCRP International Conference on Reanalysis: Wrap Up [PPT] Michael Bosilovich, NASA/GMAO
  Introduction and NCEO Presentation [PPT] Ghassem Asrar, WCRP, on behalf of Alan O'Neill, NCEO
  DOE’s Climate Modeling Efforts [PPT] Joseph Renu, DOE
  The ESA Earth Observation Programmes & Reanalysis [PPT] Michael Rast, ESA
  JMA’s Priority and Plans on Reanalysis [PPT] Kazutoshi Onogi, JMA
  NOAA Reanalysis [PPT] Don Anderson, NOAA
1340 Conference Adjourns