The Global Climate Observing Programme (GCOS) is looking for experts to join two of its panels: the Atmospheric Observations Panel for Climate (AOPC), and the Ocean Observations Physics and Climate Panel (OOPC).

aopc website logoAOPC  was established by the GCOS Steering Committee in recognition of the need for specific scientific and technical input concerning atmospheric observations for climate. The Panels’ expertise is essential for assessing the capabilities, gaps and deficiencies of current

United in Science Report


The report, United in Science, shows that greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise to record highs. Fossil fuel emission rates are now above pre-pandemic levels after a temporary drop due to lockdowns. Emissions reduction pledges for 2030 need to be seven times higher to meet the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement.

United in Science provides an overview of the most recent science related to climate change, impacts and responses. The science is clear – urgent action is needed to mitigate