TUESDAY 25th October

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7:30-8:30 Breakfast for all registered Students - Sponsored by NCAR Climate & Global Dynamics
- Location: Governor's Square 14 & 15


Plenary Session A3: Observation and Analysis of the Climate System (Chair: A. Simmons)

Challenges of a Sustained Climate Observing System (K. Trenberth)

Understanding of the Global Hydrological Cycle and Water Management Challenges in the 21st Century (P. Gleick)

The Ocean Observation for Climate: Progress and Challenges (S. Wijffels)

Monday ECS Awards

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10:00-10:30 Morning Break sponsored by Nature Climate Change Journal

Poster Sessions, focus on:

Session C2: Regional Integration of Climate Science, Information and Capacity Building with Regard to Climate Variability and Change in The Americas (conveners: J. Marengo, S. Chan Chou, I. Camilloni, T. Cavazos, R. Pulwarty)

Session C13: From Global Observations to Integrated Climate Information (conveners: M. Manton, T. Peterson, T. Koike)

Session C14: Sustaining and Developing Ocean and Sea-Ice Observations for Climate Research (conveners: E. Lindstrom, B. Weller, J. Vialard, A. Klepikov)

Session C15: Atmospheric Observations Including Upper Troposphere and Stratosphere (conveners: A. Thompson, M. Rusticucci, R. Adler)

Session C16: Land Surface Processes and Observations (conveners: H. Dolman, J. Matsumoto)

Session C17: Hydrological Cycle in Cold Regions, Including Permafrost, Ice Sheets and Glaciers (conveners: T. Ohata, I. Allison, T. Prowse, D. Yang)

Session C18: Using Paleoclimate Observations and Analysis for Improving Earth System Prediction (conveners: G. Schmidt, V. Masson-Delmotte)

Session C19: Coupled Data Assimilation for Earth System Models (conveners: D. Stammer, M. Balmaseda, Y. Fujii, A. Rosati, D. Smith)

Session C20: Integrating Regional Data Sets into Global Products (conveners: A. Klein Tank, L. Alexander, G. Bodeker, C. Kummerow)

Session C21: Data Management, Archiving, and Access from Global to Local Scales (conveners: D. Mocko, M. Parsons, D. Williams)

Session C22: Reanalysis and Synthesis Methods for Climate (conveners: M. Bosilovich, K. Haines)

Session C23: Reprocessed Datasets and Climate Data Records (conveners: J. Bates, B. Randel, S. Tegtmeier, R. Weaver)

Session C24: Satellite Observations and their Assimilation: Prospects for the Future (conveners: J. Burrows, J. Key, S. Polavarapu, F. Rabier)

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12:00-13:30 Lunch Break on your own


including a coffee/tea break from 15:30 to 16:00 sponsored by Xcel Energy

Parallel Sessions

Session B4: Climate System Observations, Reprocessing, Reanalysis and Climate Data Records (conveners: M. Bosilovich, A. O'Neill, J. Kennedy)

Session B5: Variability and Predictability of Regional Climate and Monsoons (conveners: C. Vera, B.N. Goswami, C. Thorncroft, C. Reason, R. Mechoso, W.J. Gutowski, B. Hewitson)

Session B6: Understanding Atmospheric Processes in Climate: Clouds, Aerosols and Dynamics (conveners: J. Alexander, S. Sherwood, A. Brown)

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Business Needs for Climate Information
Panel Discussion on Climate Science in Service to Society: Private Sector Needs and Opportunities
(Organizers: Nancy Colleton, President of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, and Antonio Busalacchi, Chair of WCRP Joint Scientific Committee)

a Reception will follow sponsored by Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC)

Location: Plaza Ballroom D+E