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Session C21: Data Management, Archiving, and Access from Global to Local Scales
(conveners: D. Mocko, M. Parsons, D. Williams)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Tuesday 25 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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David Arctur, Dave Blodgett, Bryan Lawrence, Jay Hnilo, Jeff Budai, D. Michael Grogan, Glenn Rutledge   Lost in Space: Understanding the consequences of unknown or incorrect datums in applications of climate and other geosciences analysis   T255A
Steven Berukoff   The NEON Data Products: Enabling continental-scale ecological science   T262B
Benno Blumenthal, John del Corral, Haibo Liu, Daniel Holloway, Nathan Potter   Semantic framework for climate metadata interoperability   T248A
Mary Jo Brodzik, Marilyn Kaminski, Jess Lacy   Bringing value to IceBridge airborne mission data users   T242A
Kenneth Casey   The NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center's interoperable archive of ocean climate data and information   T248B
Luca Cinquini, Amy Braverman, Dan Crichton, Chris Mattmann, Duane Waliser, Dean Williams  

Building the software infrastructure to enable usage of satellite observations for climate change research



Julia Collins, Peter Pulsifer, Shari Gearheard   Collecting and preserving local and traditional climate knowledge   T244A
John del Corral , Benno Blumenthal, Michael Bell, Remi Cousin, Haibo Liu   Optimized and scalable climate data services   T258A
Stephen Delgreco   Managing climate data and data federation at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center   T255B
Sebastien Denvil, Mark Morgan, Ashish Bhardwaj, Jerome Raciazek   Prodiguer project : data burden, workflow and climate modeling group   T258B
Ruth Duerr, Jess Lacy   Libre: Freeing your data ? Free to share, free to discover and use   T247B
Wendy Gross, David M Anderson, Bruce A Bauer, Rodney Buckner, Gille P Edward, Michael Hartman, Carrie Morrill, Anju Shah, Eugene R Wahl   Enabling Data-Intensive Science at NOAA's World Data Center for Paleoclimatology   T246A
Steve C Hankin, Roland H Schweitzer, Dean N Williams, Ian T Foster, Don K Middleton, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Niell Miller, Frank Siebenlist, Mehmet Balman, Junmin Gu, Vijaya Natarajan, Arie Shoshani, Alex Sim, Gavin Bell, Robert Drach, Michael Ganzberger, Jim Ahrens, Phil Jones, Daniel Crichton, Luca Cinquini, David Brown, Danielle Harper, Nathan Hook, Eric Nienhouse, Gary Strand, Hannah Wilcox, Nathaniel Wilhelmi, Stephan Zednik, Rick Brownrigg, Kevin O'Brien, Karl Smith, Ansley Manke, Meili Chen, Ross Miller, Galen Shipman, Feiyi Wang, John Harney, Peter Fox, Patrick West, Ann Chevenak, Craig Ward   Observations for Ocean Climate: The Live Access Server and the Ferret-THREDDS Data Server: The Visualization and Analysis Engine behind the Earth System Grid Center for Enabling Technologies   T257B
Justin Hnilo, Jeff Budai, D. Michael grogan, Glenn Rutledge, David Actur   NOAA's National Climate Model Portal (NCMP)   T256B
Justin Hnilo, Jeff Budai, D. Michael Grogan, Glenn Rutledge, David Actur   NOAA/National Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS), past, present and future   T257A
Jodha Khalsa Siri, Mark A Parsons, Peter Fox, Deborah L McGuinness, Peter L Pulsifer, Ruth Duerr   The semantic sea ice interoperability initiative   T254A
Frédéric Laliberté, Paul J Kushner   Exascale data archive: A new way of processing high-resolution climate data   T247A
Seth McGinnis , Linda O Mearns   An assessment of the NARCCAP data archive: Lessons learned   T241A
David Moore   Combining observations from the National Ecological Observatory Network to meet the climate challenge   T244B
Mark Parsons, Oystein Godoy, Ellsworth LeDrew, Taco F de Bruin, Bruno Danis, Scott Tomlinson, David Carlsonn   Managing very diverse data for complex, interdisciplinary science   T256A
Peter Pulsifer, Shari Gearheard, Glen E Liston, Julia Collins, Kelly Elder, Henry Huntington   Connecting Inuit observations with fine-scale environmental modeling: Informatics and the Silalirijiit project   T240B
Erin M Robinson, Carol Meyer   ESIP Federation: Enhancing interoperability by facilitating cross-domain collaboration   T246B
Hualan Rui, William Teng, Bruce Vollmer, David Mocko, Hiroko Beaudoing, Joseph Nigro, Mark Gray, David Maidment, Richard Hooper   Bridging the gap between NASA Hydrological data and the geospatial community   T241B
Doug Schuster, Steve Worley, Joey Comeaux, Tom Cram, Bob Dattore, Zaihua Ji, Chi-Fan Shih, Dave Stepaniak, Gregg Walters   Climate science support from the research data archive at NCAR   T243A
Catherine Smith   The use of OPeNDAP in web based climate and weather analysis tools   T254B
Jeffrey Taylor, Ed Ayres, Hongyan Luo, Henry W Loescher   Data Flows for NEON's fundamental instrument unit: Quality assurance and quality control approaches   T262A
Charles Thompson, Matthew Henderson, Jean-FranÁois Piolle, Sylvain Gerard   Dataminer: A software system to search, visualize, and subset distributed swath and gridded data products   T249B
Dean Williams   A data infrastructure for data-intensive climate research   T240A
Miroslav Zanev   Climatology Software. Data Presentation Methods   T243B