MONDAY 24th October

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Floor Plan View


Plenary Session A1: Climate Research in Service to Society (Chair: G. Asrar)

Welcoming Remarks by Bill Ritter, former Governor of the State of Colorado

Opening Remarks and Expectations for the Week (A. Busalacchi)

Welcome by Local Host:
Roger Wakimoto, Director of National Center for Atmospheric Research

Keynote address by Thomas R. Karl (NOAA, chair USGCRP Subcommittee on Global Change Research): Scientific Grand Challenges from the USGCRP Perspective

Welcome Address and Expectations from the WCRP sponsors:
- WCRP: a Key Instrument for UN Climate Research - Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Director of Intergovernmental Oceans Commission (IOC)
- Climate Research in Service to Society: a WMO Perspective - Michel Jarraud, Secretary General of World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
- Climate Research in the Next Decade of Earth System Research: an ICSU Perspective - Deliang Chen, Executive Director of International Council for Science (ICSU)

Welcoming Remarks by European Commission (Claus Bruening)

Keynote Talk by David Behar: Collaborative Climate Science: a User's Perspective on Need, Communication and Application

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10:30-11:00 Morning Break sponsored by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Plenary Session A2: The Climate System Components and Their Interactions (Chair: B. Hoskins)

Scientific Grand Challenges for Global Research Addressing Societies Needs (M. Visbeck)

Uncertainties in aerosol cloud-mediated radiative forcing: two large and highly uncertain opposite effects from shallow and deep clouds (D. Rosenfeld)

Biogeochemical, Ecosystem and Human Interactions with Climate and the Complexity of the Earth System (video) (C. Nobre given by G. Brasseur)

Panel Discussion and Q&A from audience

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12:30-13:30 Lunch Break on your own


including a coffee/tea break from 15:30 to 16:00 sponsored by the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences and the National Weather Center at the University of Oklahoma

Parallel Sessions

Session B1: Prediction from Sub-seasonal to Multi-decadal Scales (conveners: D. Anderson, G. Brunet, B. Kirtman, I.-S. Kang)

Session B2: Detecting, Understanding and Predicting Extreme Climate Events (convener: L. Alexander, G.C. Hegerl, T. Knutson, P. Naveau, C. Schär, F. Zwiers)

Session B3: Oceans Dynamics and Sea-level: Variability and Change (conveners: B. Boening, A. Cazenave, M. Latif)

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Poster Viewing & Reception sponsored by University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

Location: Plaza Ballroom

Poster Sessions, focus on:

Session C1: Climate Variability and Change in the Australian-Asian Region (conveners: H. Hendon, T. Yasunari, G. Wu)

Session C5: Observing, Understanding and Projecting Polar Climate System Variability and Change (conveners: P. Schlosser, C. Mauritzen)

Session C6: Marine Regional Integrated Assessments: Observations, Predictions, and Uncertainty (conveners: C. Anderson, K. Karnauskas, S. Dutkiewicz, R. Murtugudde, A. Fischer, K.F. Drinkwater, S. Hyodae, C. Moloney)

Session C7: Atmospheric Composition and Forcings (conveners: M. Santee, J.S. Daniel, M.I. Hegglin, P. Rasch)

Session C8: Atmospheric Dynamics and Climate (conveners: H. Hendon, B. Holtslag, Y.-L. Lin, N. McFarlane, G. Svensson, S. Yoden)

Session C9: Oceans and Climate (conveners: T. Lee, W. Hazeleger, T. Suga, J. Brown, M. Barreiro)

Session C10: Land, Water and Climate (conveners: D. Lawrence, P. Kabat)

Session C11: The Role of the Cryosphere in Climate (conveners: T. Worby, G. Casassa)

Session C12: Clouds, Aerosols and Climate (conveners: M. Webb, P. Siebesma, G. Feingold)

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