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Session C20: Integrating Regional Data Sets into Global Products
(conveners: A. Klein Tank, L. Alexander, G. Bodeker, C. Kummerow)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Tuesday 25 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Markus G Donat, Lisa Alexander   Uncertainties related to the production of gridded global data sets of observed climate extreme indices   T189B
Birgit Hassler, Gregory E Bodeker, Thomas Birner   Combining regional and temporally limited measurements of stratospheric chemical composition into a global database   T186A
Rainer Hollmann, Karl-Göran Karlsson, Rob Roebeling, Jan Fokke Meirink, Aku Riihelä, Nicolas Clerbaux, Reto Stöckli   Satellite-based datasets for validation of regional climate models: EUMETSAT's CM SAF Climate data sets   T189A
Alexey Kaplan, Alicia R Karspeck   Merging in situ and satellite data for gridded multidecadal analyses of sea surface temperature fields   T190B
Alicia Karspeck, Alexey Kaplan, Steve Sain   Bayesian modeling and ensemble reconstruction of mid-scale spatial variability in North Atlantic sea surface temperatures for 1850-2008   T176B
Qingxiang Li   CHHT 1.0 and future plan in 2011-2015   T185B
Chesley McColl , Xungang Yin, Gilbert Compo, Rob Allan, Russ Vose, Scott Woodruff, Ken Knapp, Thomas Cram   Assembling the International Surface Pressure Databank   T176A
Sandor Szalai, Jürgen Vogt  

CARPATCLIM - high resolution gridded database of the Carpathian Region and calculation of drought indices as a contribution to the European Drought Observatory

Kevin Wood, Philip Brohan, Gilbert P Compo, James E Overland, Igor Smolyar   Forgotten not lost: Old Weather and the new climate of the Arctic   T190A
Kevin Wood, Alexander Ferreira, Andrew Francis, Richard Kurtz, Gary Shaw, TJ Young   ACRE education and outreach: The HMS Plover historical data intercomparison project   T175A
Kate Young, Junhong Wang, William Schneider   Constructing a 21-year (1990-2010), High Quality, High Resolution Dropsonde Climatology from Field Campaigns and Special Programs   T186B