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Session C22: Reanalysis and Synthesis Methods for Climate
(conveners: M. Bosilovich, K. Haines)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Tuesday 25 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Magdalena Balmaseda Alonso, Kristian Mogensen   The ECMWF ORAS4 ocean re-analysis system   T250B
Michael Bosilovich, Junye Chen, Franklin R Robertson   Evaluation of the observation influence on transport in reanalysis regional water cycles   T239B
Rajib Chattopadhyay, Chidong Zhang   A comparison of dynamical evolution of atmospheric fields from different reanalysis using a Self Organizing Map   T265A
Sean Davis, Karen H Rosenlof   A multi-diagnostic intercomparison of tropical width and jet timeseries using meteorological reanalyses and satellite observations   T264B
Hugues Goosse, Elisabeth Crespin, Svetlana Dubinkina, Yoann Sallaz-Damaz, AurÈlien Mairesse, Pierre Mathiot, Violette Zunz   Seamless reanalysis: from paleoclimates to the 21st century   T221A
Harry Hendon, Robin Wedd, Yonghong Yin, Oscar Alves   Multi-variate salinity assimilation pre- and post-Argo   T252A
Harry Hendon, Yonhong Yin, Oscar Alves, Li Shi   An ensemble ocean data assimilation system for seasonal prediction in Australia and its comparison with other state-of-the-art ocean reanalyses   T223A
Robert Lee, Kevin I Hodges, Lennart Bengtsson   A comparison of extratropical cyclones in recent reanalyses   T221B
Chunhui Lu   Response of the middle atmosphere to ENSO events in North Hemispheric winter within chemistry climate model-WACCM3   T222B
Gloria Manney, William H Daffer, Michaela L Hegglin, Steven Pawson, Michael J Schwartz, Michelle L Santee   Climatology and variability of upper tropospheric/lower stratospheric jets from MERRA reanalysis   T252B
Simona Masina, Andrea Storto, Srdjan Dobricic, Pierluigi Di Pietro, Ida Russo , Antonio Navarra   A set of global ocean re-analyses for climate applications   T253A
Wolfgang Müller, Daniela Matei, Manfred Bersch, Johann Jungclaus, Helmuth Haak, Ismael Nunez-Riboni, Katja Lohmann, Jochem Marotzke   A 20th-Century reanalysis-forced ocean model: Trends and variability in the North Atlantic   T253B
Urs Neu, Marco Reale, Piero Lionello, Angela Cocozza, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project : Influence of including open cyclones in storm identification schemes   T232A
Urs Neu, Xiaolan L Wang, Yang Feng, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: An intercomparison of ten identification/tracking algorithms for extra-tropical cyclones, with emphasis on temporal evolution of NH regional cyclone statistics   T232B
Urs Neu, Christoph C Raible, Richard Blender, Xiaolan L Wang, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: Comparison of different mid latitude cyclone detection and tracking methods by a track to track algorithm   T233B
Urs Neu, Natalia Tilinina, Sergey Gulev, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: Cyclone lifecycle in the Southern Hemisphere   T234A
Urs Neu, Sven Ulbrich, Joaquim G Pinto, Margarida L Liberato, Isabel F Trigo, Ricardo M Trigo, Gregor C Leckebusch, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: Evaluation and climatology of explosive developments in ERA Interim   T234B
Urs Neu, Sergey Gulev, Gregor C Leckebusch, Xiaolan L Wang, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: Intercomparison of mid-latitude storm diagnostics -background and aims of the project   T235A
Urs Neu, Margarida L Liberato, Isabel F Trigo, Ricardo M Trigo, Sven Ulbrich, Joaquim G Pinto, Piero Lionello, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: Life-cycle and impacts of extreme extra-tropical cyclones in the Euro-Atlantic region using multiple tracking schemes   T235B
Urs Neu, Gregor C Leckebusch, Jens Grieger, Mareike Schuster, Kevin Keay, Uwe Ulbrich, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: Natural variability in cyclone characteristics and its method dependent assessment in the Southern Hemisphere   T237A
Urs Neu, Kevin Keay, Ian Simmonds, Gregor C Leckebusch, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: The variability of cyclogenesis, cyclolysis, system and track density in the Southern Hemisphere associated with different tracking methods   T237B
Urs Neu, Sarah F Kew, Michael Sprenger, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: Trends in Northern hemispheric cyclone diagnostics   T238A
Urs Neu, Irina Rudeva, Sergey Gulev, the IMILAST team   The IMILAST project: Characteristics of the cyclone life cycle over the Northern Hemisphere   T233A
Steven Pawson   Reanalysis of the Stratosphere in GEOS-5: Lessons learned from MERRA and future prospects   T223B
Franklin Robertson, Michael G Bosilovich, Junye Chen, Timothy L Miller   The effect of satellite observing system changes on MERRA water and energy fluxes   T239A
Justin Stachnik, Courtney Schumacher   Tropical and subtropical cloud regimes in reanalysis data using an ISCCP simulator   T222A


Genta Ueno   Iterative estimation the observation error covariance matrix for ensemble-based filters and its application to a coupled atmosphere-ocean model   T264A
Xiaolan Wang, Yang Feng, Val R Swail   Inter-comparison of extra-tropical cyclone activity in six reanalysis datasets   T265B
Yulia Zyulyaeva, Irina Rudeva, Sergey Gulev   Synoptic activity in 20C Reanalysis (1871-2008): reliability and evaluation   T238B