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Tuesday 25 October

Session B6: Understanding Atmospheric Processes, Aerosols, Clouds and Dynamics in Climate
(conveners: J. Alexander, S. Sherwood, A. Brown)

- Contributions to this session are oral presentations
- Date: 25 October 2011
- Time: 13h30-18h00
- Location: Plaza C

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13:30-13:52   Christopher Bretherton (invited)  

Boundary-layer clouds in a changing climate

13:52- 14:07   John Latham   Marine cloud brightening
14:07-14:22   Robert Wood   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Overview of results from the VOCALS Regional Experiment
14:22-14:37   Sharon Sessions   Multiple equilibria in a cloud resolving model
14:37-14:52   Romain Pilon   Modelling trace species transport and scavenging in deep convective cloud using a general circulation model
14:52-15:07   Hugh Morrison   Self-organization and resilience of Arctic mixed-phase clouds
15:07-15:29   Brian Mapes (invited)   Net effects of mesoscale organization in cloud fields
Coffee break
16:00-16:22   Edwin Gerber   Modeling the extratropical jets: Connections between the mean climate, variability, and response to anthropogenic forcing
16:22-16:37   Thomas Krismer   The influence of parameterized gravity waves on the quasi-biennial oscillation in ECHAM6
16:37-16:52   Elena Savenkova   Nonlinear saturation of stationary planetary waves in the boreal stratosphere
16:52-17:07   Ryan Neely   Trends and annual cycles in the background stratospheric aerosol layer
17:07-17:29   Graham Feingold (invited)   The aerosol-cloud-precipitation system: in search of simplicity
17:30-17:45   Leo Donner   Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Climate Models
17:45-18:00   Anup K. Prasad   Impact of dust storms and anthropogenic emissions on the Indo-Gangetic Basin and melting of Himalayan Glaciers