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24 October

Session B1: Prediction from Sub-seasonal to Multi-decadal Scales (conveners: D. Anderson, G. Brunet, B. Kirtman, I.-S. Kang)

Session B2: Detecting, Understanding and Predicting Extreme Climate Events (convener: L. Alexander, G.C. Hegerl, T. Knutson, P. Naveau, C. Schär, F. Zwiers)

Session B3: Oceans Dynamics and Sea-level: Variability and Change (conveners: C. Boening, A. Cazenave, M. Latif)

25 October

Session B4: Climate System Observations, Reprocessing, Reanalysis and Climate Data Records (conveners: M. Bosilovich, A. O'Neill, J. Kennedy)

Session B5: Variability and Predictability of Regional Climate and Monsoons (conveners: C. Vera, B.N. Goswami, C. Thorncroft, C. Reason, R. Mechoso, W.J. Gutowski, B. Hewitson)

Session B6: Understanding Atmospheric Processes, Aerosols, Clouds and Dynamics in Climate (conveners: J. Alexander, S. Sherwood, A. Brown)

26 October

Session B7: Assessing the reliability of climate models, CMIP5 (conveners: V. Eyring, P. Gleckler, B. van den Hurk, Pascale Braconnot)

Session B8: How Climate Change Impacts Climate Variability? (conveners: K. Rosenlof, L. Terray, C. Deser, D. Karoly, A. Clement, H. Goosse)

Session B9: Radiative Forcing of Climate and Chemistry-Climate Interactions (conveners: T. Shepherd, V. Ramaswamy, T. Nakajima, D. Hauglustaine)

27 October

Session B10: Land Cover and Land Use Changes and their Impacts on Hydroclimate, Ecosystems and Society (conveners: T. Oki, E. Blyth, H. Berbery)

Session B11: Cryosphere and Climate (conveners: M. Serreze, V. Kattsov, M. Drinkwater)

Session B12: Understanding Anthropogenic Climate Change in Terms of Processes and Feedbacks (conveners: C. Senior, J. Mitchell, H. Le Treut)