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Session C2: Regional Integration of Climate Science, Information and Capacity Building with Regard to Climate Variability and Change in The Americas
(conveners: J. Marengo, S. Chan Chou, I. Camilloni, T. Cavazos, R. Pulwarty)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Thuesday 25 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit area

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Eduardo A Agosta, Rosa Compagnucci   Atmospheric circulation anomalies and teleconnections assoicatiated with summer precipitation in central west Argentina  
Teddy L Allen   Atmospheric dynamics leading towards the development of the Intra-American Sea Early Rainfall Season  
George Backus   Assessing the near-term risk of climate uncertainty: Interdependencies among the U.S. States  
Franco Biondi   Spatial and temporal patterns of drought in the Great Basin of North America, USA  
Franco Biondi, Laurel Saito, John (Jay) A Arnone III, Dale A Devitt, Lynn F Fenstermaker, Scotty Strachan, Richard Jasoni, Brian Bird, Greg McCurdy, Brad Lyles, David Charlet, Brett R Riddle   Quantifying climate variability along two elevation gradients in Great Basin Mountains  
Rodrigo J Bombardi, Leila Maria V Carvalho   The Impact of South Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature on Summer Precipitation in Central-Eastern Brazil  
Levi D Brekke, Michael Dettinger, Phillip J Duffy, Edwin P Maurer, Tom Pruitt, Bridget Thrasher   Bias-corrected and downscaled WCRP CMIP3 climate projections: Helping resource managers incorporate global climate science into local planning activities  
Theresa J Brown   Potential impacts of climate change on infrastructures  
Jesslyn Brown, Danny Howard, Brian Wardlow   Monitoring drought stress across multiple vegetation communities within the upper Colorado River Basin  
Ines Camilloni, Carla Gulizia, Moira Doyle  

Precipiation change scenarios and their relation with moisture transport and convergence projections in Southern South America

Leila V Carvalho, Charles J Jones, Carolina Vera   Multiannual variations of the South American Monsoon System  
Andrea B Chavez   Land use land cover change studiees in Madre de Dios - Peru: Monitoring tools for detecting climate change impacts  
Andrew M Chiodi, Don E Harrison   An OLR-based El Nino index for effects on U.S. seasonal weather anomalies  
Christy L Crosiar   Collaborative atmospheric measurement program  
Scott Curtis, Douglas W Gamble, Jeffrey Popke, Theodore L Allen, Donovan Campbell   A mixed methods approach to understanding drought in the Caribbean  
Moira E Doyle, Ramiro I Saurral, Vicente R Barros   Monthly precipitation percentile trends in the Plata Basin  
Andrew R Friedman, Paul Rogé, Marta Astier, John Chiang   Local Climate Variability and Rainfed Maize Agriculture in Highland Oaxaca, Mexico  
Emma E Gaitan Fernandez, Jaime E Ribalaygua Batalla, Luis L Torres Michelena, Javier J P_rtoles Marquina, Juan J Quintana, Enrique E de Loma-Ossorio   Adaptation from downscaling technique for Nicaragua for the calculation of indices of agricultural impact  
Carlos F Gaitan Ospina, Andres Cardozo Vasquez, Luis M Agudelo Otalora   Statistical downscaling of surface temperature in different Köppen-Geiger climate zones of Equatorial South America  
Gregg M Garfin, Christopher Scott, Margaret Wilder, Robert Varady, Nicolas Pineda, J   Building capacity for adaptation to climate change in arid North America, at the nexus between water, energy and environment  
Robert R Gillies, Shih-Yu Wang, Marty Booth   Observational and synoptic analyses of winter precipitation regime change over Utah  
David J Gochis, Enrique Vivoni, Tiantian Xiang   The role of land surface physics on intra-seasonal forecast skill in Southwestern North America  
Paula L Gonzalez, Lisa Goddard, Arthur M Greene   On the observed summer precipitation increase over South Eastern South America and the inability of WCRP/CMIP3 models to adequately reproduce it  
Carla N Gulizia, Inès Camilloni  

Decadal/interdecadal variability of the main rivers discharges of La Plata Basin

Melinda R Koslow, Patty Glick, Doug Inkley, Jennie Hoffman, Austin Kane   Creating a climate-smart Great Lakes region: Guiding the application of climate science to ecological restoration practices  
Jeremy S Littell, Amy K Snover, Alan F Hamlet, Marketa M Elsner, Guillaume Mauger, Eric Lutz, Eric P Salathe   Applications of regional climate and hydrologic projections in the Western U.S.: Internally consistent projections of future climate for impacts analysis, vulnerability assessment, and resource management  
Jeremy S Littell, Alan F Hamlet, Marketa M Elsner, Eric P Salathe   Responding to evolving stakeholder needs for 21st century climate and hydrologic scenarios: methods for the Columbia basin climate change scenarios project  
Hsi-Yen Ma, Xuan Ji, David Neelin, Carlos Mechoso   Mechanisms for precipitation variability of the Eastern Brazil/SACZ convective margin  
Victor O Magana, Jose A Salinas, Eduardo L Herrera   Dynamics of climate over the Mesoamerican and Caribbean regions  
Jose A Marengo, Javier Tomasella, Lincoln Alves, Wagner Soares, Daniel Rodriguez   The drought of 2010 in the context of historical droughts in the Amazon region  
Vasubandhu Misra, Lauren Moeller, Lydia Stefanova, Steven Chan   The influence of Atlantic warm pool on Panhandle Florida sea breeze  
Natalia B Montroull, Ramiro Saurral, Ines Camilloni   The hydrological regime of the Iber and Pantanal wetlands and the potential impacts of Climate Change  
Guillermo P Podesta, Poonam Arora, Walter Baethgen, Federico Bert, Victor Brescia, Lisa Goddard, Richard Katz, Benjamin Kirtman, Dave Krantz, Daniel Lema, Charles Macal, Monica Marino, Linda Mearns, Michael North, Balaji Rajagopalan, Fernando Ruiz Toranzo, Celeste Saulo, Maria Skansi, Pamela Sydelko, Carolina Vera   Integration of decadal climate predictions, ecological models and human decision-making models to support climate-resilient agriculture in the Argentine Pampas  
Roy Rasmussen, Kyoko Ikeda, Changhai Liu, Fei Chen   The Colorado headwaters climate change project  
Mauricio E Rincon-Romero, Mark Mulligan, Andy Jarvis, Luz Amira Clavijo Cabrera, Diana Patricia Lozano   Availability of spatial distributed environmental information throughout Web services for Online GIS environmental modeling: Case study Colombia  
Alfredo Ruiz-Barradas   Natural climate variability and the floods in Veracruz, Mexico in 2010  
Enrique Sanchez, Silvina Solman, Hugo Berbery, Patrick Samuelsson, Grigory Nikulin, Armelle Reca Remedio, Sin-Chan Chou, Rosmeri Porfirio da Rocha, Laurent Li, Roberto Garia-Ochoa, Jose Marengo, Natalia Pessacg, Claudio Menendez, Andrea F Carril   A first look at an ensemble of XXIst Century RCM simulations over South America  
Dalton K Sasaki, Juliana M Marson, Augusto Pereira, Luciana Prado, Nat_lia T Siggnorelli, Felipe Sales, Marcos Tonelli, Marcia C B_cego, Ilana Wainer   The Southeast Brazilian continental shelf's sea surface temperature record by Alkenones  
Gerarda M Shields   Assessing the impact of climate change predictions on the hydraulic vulnerability of coastal bridges  
Esteban Tapella, Daniel M C_ceres   Climate Change and the Social Struggle for the Appropriation of Ecosystem Services  
Henri Tonnang, Marc Sporleder, Juergen Kroschel, Pablo Carhuapoma, Juan C Gonzales, Henry Huarez   Insect Life Cycle Modeling (ILCYM) software ? A new tool for regional and global insect pest risk assessments under current and future climate change scenarios  
Robert Vautard, Bertrand Bessagnet, Sophie Bastin, Laurent Menut, Sophie Szopa, Didier Hauglustaine, Julien Cattiaux, Gaelle Clain, Augustin Colette, Philippe Drobinski, Juliette Lathiere, H Omrani, Frederik Meleux, Tamara Salameh, S Schucht, Solene Turquety, Om Tripathi   Evaluation of air pollutant emission reduction strategies in the context of climate change  
Chunzai Wang, Sang-Ki Lee, Carlos R Mechoso, David Enfield   Variability of the Atlantic warm pool and its impact on climate and hurricane activity  
Simon S.-Y. Wang, Robert Gillies   Transition-phase teleconnection of Pacific climate oscillations  
Jonathan M Winter, Alex C Ruane, Cynthia Rosenzweig   Evaluating the ability of regional climate models to inform central American agricultural decision support  
Hanlie Xu, Jianping Li, Juan Feng   Asymmetric relationship between the Winter North Atlantic Oscillation and the Precipitation in Southwest China