Plenary Sessions

The plenary sessions consist of invited talks by leading scientists. The plenary talks will address the overall research and intellectual challenges across the WCRP spectrum of activities on a specified topic.

24 October

Session A1

Theme A1: Climate Research in Service to Society (Chair: G. Asrar)

Welcoming Remarks by Bill Ritter, former Governor of the State of Colorado

Opening Remarks and Expectations for the Week (A. Busalacchi)

Welcome by Local Host:
Roger Wakimoto, Director of National Center for Atmospheric Research

Keynote address by Thomas R. Karl (NOAA, chair USGCRP Subcommittee on Global Change Research): Scientific Grand Challenges from the USGCRP Perspective

Welcome Address and Expectations from the WCRP sponsors:
- WCRP: a Key Instrument for UN Climate Research - Wendy Watson-Wright, Executive Director of Intergovernmental Oceans Commission (IOC)
- Climate Research in Service to Society: a WMO Perspective - Michel Jarraud, Secretary General of World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
- Climate Research in the Next Decade of Earth System Research: an ICSU Perspective - Deliang Chen, Executive Director of International Council for Science (ICSU)

Welcoming Remarks by European Commission (Claus Bruening)

Keynote Talk by David Behar: Collaborative Climate Science: a User's Perspective on Need, Communication and Application

24 October

Session A2

Theme A2: The Climate System Components and Their Interactions (Chair: B. Hoskins)

Scientific Grand Challenges for Global Research Addressing Societies Needs (M. Visbeck)

Uncertainties in aerosol cloud-mediated radiative forcing: two large and highly uncertain opposite effects from shallow and deep clouds (D. Rosenfeld)

Biogeochemical, Ecosystem and Human Interactions with Climate and the Complexity of the Earth System (C. Nobre)

25 October

Session A3

Theme A3: Observation and Analysis of the Climate System (Chair: A. Simmons)

Challenges of a Sustained Climate Observing System (K. Trenberth)

Understanding of the Global Hydrological Cycle and Water Management Challenges in the 21st Century (P. Gleick)

The Ocean Observation for Climate: Progress and Challenges (S. Wijffels)

26 October

Session A4

Theme A4: Assessing and Improving Model and Predictive Capabilities (Chair: M. Kimoto)

From Regional Weather to Global Climate: Challenges and Progress in Improving Models (C. Jakob)

Challenges and Progress in sub-Seasonal to Decadal Prediction on Regional Scales (A. Scaife)

Long-term Climate Change: Forcing, Response and Climate Sensitivity (S. Bony)

27 October

Session A5

Theme A5: Climate Assessments and Future Challenges (Chair: T. Stocker)

Changes in Atmospheric Composition: Implication for Irreversible Climate Change and Mitigation Choices (S. Solomon)

Cryosphere and Sea-Level Variability and Change (K. Steffen)

Attribution of Weather and Climate-Related Extreme Events (P. Stott)

28 October

Session A6
Morning break
from 10:15 to 10:45

Theme A6: Strengthening Policy Relevance of Scientific Assessments (Chair: L. Goddard)

Building Adaptive Capacity to Climate Variability and Change in Developing Countries (M. C. Lemos)

Climate and Public Health - The MERIT Initiative (M. Thomson)

Meeting User Needs: Limits, Ideals and Realities (B. Hewitson)

Earth System Research for Global Sustainability (J. Rockström )

Policy Challenges of Scientific Assessments:
(D. Qin)
IPCC WGII (C. Field)
IPCC WGIII (O. Edenhofer)

28 October

Session A7

Theme A7: The Future of WCRP (Chair: C. Vera)

Panel Discussion with Plenary Chairs
Major Challenges of Monday-Thursday Sessions and how well WCRP is Positioned to Address Them

Future of WCRP and Closing (A. Busalacchi)