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Session C16: Land Surface Processes and Observations
(conveners: H. Dolman, J. Matsumoto)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Tuesday 25 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Ikumi Akasaka, Jun Matsumoto, Wataru Morishima, Hisayuki Kubota, Takehiko Mikami, Esperanza O Cayanan   Asian Monsoon Year (2007-2012): Long-term changes in summer rainy season onset in the Philippines and its relation to the atmospheric circulation and SST patterns in the tropical Pacific  



Yin huan Ao   The Observation and numerical simulation of convective boundary layer in Badain Jaran Desert   T165B
Jun Asanuma   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): Interannual variability of Surface Water/Heat Budget measured at Semi-arid Grassland in Mongolia   T167B
Edward Ayres, Henry W Loescher, Hongyan Luo, Jeff Taylor   Measuring the climate of soils for the next 30 years   T159A
Esperanza Cayanan, Tsing-Chang Chen, Josefina C Argete, Ming-Cheng Yen, Prisco D Nilo   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): The effect of tropical cyclones on southwest monsoon rainfall in the Philippines   T168A
Yuchun Chen   The Application & Comparison of Several Flux Profile Relations in CoLM   T170A
Elizabeth Clark, Justin Sheffield, Michelle van Vliet, Aiguo Dai, Dennis P Lettenmaier   NASA Energy and Water Studies Climatology Project: Estimation of human consumptive water use from the world's rivers   T158A
Estela Colllini, Lorena Ferreira, Maria E Dillon, Gloria C Pujol, Danilo Dadamia   Evaluation of uncoupled soils models with field campaign soil moisture measurements available in Argentina  


Ana Paula Martins A Cunha, Denilson R Viana, Regina Célia S Alvala, Rita Marcia S Vieira   Rainfall and Leaf Area Index Relationships in the Brazil semi-arid zone   T174A
Yifeng Dai, Yimin Liu   Observation analysis of the impact of urbanization over East China   T172B
Mayowa Fasona, Mark A Tadross, Ademola S Omojola, Babatunde J Abiodun   Principal components of local climate and their implications for climate change adaptation: Case study from the Savannah of Nigeria   T163A
Fierli Federico, Orlandi Emiliano, Buzzi Andrea, Davolio Silvio, Drofa Oxana, Malguzzi Piero   Soil moisture precipitation feedback in West Africa   T159B
Kyung-Ja Ha, Sun-Seon Lee, June-Yi Lee, Akio Kitoh, Bin Wang, Jong-Ghap Jhun   Role of the Tibetan Plateau on the Pacific storm track activity in the mountain uplift experiment   T173B
Yuriko Koike, Jun Asanuma   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012):Back-trajectory Analyses of Water Vapor in Northern Mongolia  


Vladimir Konovalov   Spatial distribution of runoff and its climate factors in extremal years: Case study for the largest Siberian Rivers   T157B
Michele Kuester, Keith S Krause, Courtney L Meier, David JP Moore, Andrew M Fox, Rebecca Hufft Kao, Joel McCorkel, Brian R Johnson, Thomas U Kampe   Understanding differences between Leaf Area Index (LAI) measurements at various temporal and spatial scales over the Ordway Swisher Biological Research Station in Forida, USA   T161B
Sujay Kumar, Christa D Peters-Lidard, Joseph Santanello, David Mocko, Kenneth W Harrison   Towards a formal benchmarking and evaluation framework for land surface models   T161A
Suosuo Li   Annual variations in the surface radiation budget and soil water and heat content in the Upper Yellow River area   T171B
Zhenchao Li, Zhigang Wei   Simulation and Improvement of Common Land Model on the Bare Soil of Loess Plateau Underlying Surface   T160B
Hongyan Luo, Henry Loescher, Edward Ayres, Jeffery Taylor   NEON Fundamental Instrument Unit: Long-term environmental monitoring from in situ points to continental scale   T162A
Jun Matsumoto, Shin-Ya Ogino, Peiming Wu, Nobuhiko Endo, Hisayuki Kubota, Miki Hattori, Hideyuki Kamimera, Kooiti Masuda, Shuichi Mori, Jun-Ichi Hamada, Manabu D Yamanaka, Ikuo Yoneyama, Ryuichi Shirooka , Ikumi Akasaka, Esperanza O Cayanan, Susan R Espinueva , Graciano P Yumul, Jr., Nathaniel T Servando, Quang Chu Tran, Van Tue Nguyen   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): Vietnam Philippines Rainfall Experiment 2010 (VPREX2010)   T169A
Joaquin Melià, Javier Martin-Vide, Francisco Valero, José M Cuadrat, José A Guijarro, MarÌa José Estrela, Ileana Blade, Marcos Garcia-Sotillo, Beatriz Martinez, M. Amparo Gilabert, F. Javier Garcia-Haro, Alvaro Moreno, Ana Perez-Hoyos   Recent advances in the interrelationship of vegetation and climate in Spain   T163B
Shuichi Mori, Jun-Ichi Hamada, Miki Hattori, Hideyuki Kamimera, Manabu D Yamanaka, Ardhi A Arbain, Yekti Galihselowati, Reni Sulistyowati, Fadli Syamsudin   Coastal heavy rainbands over the Indonesian maritime continent observed with TRMM and ground based radars during Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012)   T170B
Fumie Murata, Toru Terao, Taiichi Hayashi, Masashi Kiguchi, Yusuke Yamane, Jun Matsumoto   Asia Monsoon Year (2007-2012) Climate Monitoring over Bangladesh and northeast India   T166A
Rômulo Oliveira, Carlos F Angelis   Impact of deforestation on the frequency and intensity of daily precipitation events in the Legal Amazon region   T162B
Thara Prabhakaran, Alexander Khain, Maheshkumar RS, G. Pandithurai, JR Kulkarni, Mahen Konwar, BN Goswami   Mechanisms of formation of droplet size distributions in the monsoon clouds during CAIPEEX : evidence of incloud nucleation   T171A
Rolf Reichle, Randal Koster, Gabrielle De Lannoy, Barton Forman, Qing Liu, Sarith Mahanama, Ally Toure   Assessment and enhancement of MERRA land surface hydrology estimates   T157A
Kadarsah Riadi   Application of WINCUBE and LIDAR System for Study of Planetary Boundary Layer   T165A
Tomonori Sato, Yongkang Xue   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012) Impact study of land surface process on intraseasonal and interannual variaition of rainfall in Northeast Asia   T167A
Takehiko Satomura, H. Kamimera, M. Katsumata, J. Matsumoto, S. Mori, S.-Y. Ogino, S. Yokoi   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): Typhoons' behavior over tropical land   T168B
Marko Scholze, Thomas q Kaminski, Wolfgang Knorr, Nadine Gobron, Bernard Pinty, Ralf Giering, Pierre-Philippe Mathieu   Simultaneous Assimilation of FAPAR and Atmospheric CO2 into a Terrestrial Vegetation Model   T164A
Justin Sheffield, Ming Pan, Alok Sahoo, Eric F Wood   NASA Energy and Water Studies Climatology Project: Multi-source Estimation of Long-term Terrestrial Water Budget for Major Global River Basins   T158B
Renhe Zhang, Toshio Koike, Xiangde Xu, Yaoming Ma, Kun Yang   A China-Japan Cooperative JICA Atmospheric Observing Network over the Tibetan Plateau (JICA/Tibet project): An Overview   T173A
Tangtang Zhang, Jun Wen   Land-atmospheric water and energy cycle of the winter wheat field in the Loess Plateau, China   T172A
Tilo Ziehn, Jens Kattge, Wolfgang Knorr, Marko Scholze   Improving the predictability of global CO2 assimilation rates under climate change   T164B