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Tuesday 25 October

Session B5: Variability and Predictability of Regional Climate and Monsoons
(conveners: C. Vera, B.N. Goswami, C. Thorncroft, C. Reason, R. Mechoso, W.J. Gutowski, B. Hewitson)

- Contributions to this session are oral presentations
- Date: 25 October 2011
- Time: 13h30-18h00
- Location: Plaza DE

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13:30-13:45   Harry Hendon (invited)   Seasonal prediction of summer monsoon rainfall: Successes and challenges
13:45-14:00   Colin Jones (invited)   Future directions for modeling regional climate variability and change
14:00-14:15   Serge Janicot   The role of synoptic scale dry-air intrusions on the West African monsoon onset using regional modeling and nudged climate simulations. Application to the monsoon onset of 2006
14:15-14:30   Bruce Anderson   Detection of historical summertime monsoon precipitation variations and trends over the southwestern United States
14:30-14:45   Sebastian Wagner   Climatic variability in a regional climate simulation for Europe for the period 1645-2000 AD
14:45-15:00   Chih-Pei Chang   Inter-decadal variation of intraseasonal predictability of the East Asian winter monsoon
15:00-15:15   Hugo Berbery  

VAMOS to the future: Emerging priorities in American monsoon research

15:15-15:30   Wassila Thiaw   Regime shifts in the West African Monsoon System and seasonal rainfall predictions
Coffee break
16:00-16:15   Carlos Roberto Mechoso (invited)   A regional climate with global impacts: The Southeastern Tropical Pacific
16:15-16:30   Melissa Bukovsky  

NARCCAP regional climate model simulations of the North American monsoon

16:30-16:45   Jean-Luc Redelsperger (invited)   The AMMA program : Results and new challenges from a WCRP perspective
16:45-17:00   Ayantika Dey Choudhury   Dynamical response of the South Asian monsoon trough to latent heating from stratiform and convective precipitation
17:00-17:15   Ousmane Ndiaye   Developing rainfall onset information for agriculture in Senegal, including the distinction of true and false onset events
17:15-17:30   Frauk Feser   Regional climate models add value to global model data
17:30-17:45   Grigory Nikulin   The West African monsoon as simulated by an ensemble of 10 RCMs
17:45-18:00   Richard Levine, Turner Andrew   The dependence of Indian monsoon rainfall on moisture fluxes across the Arabian Sea and the influence of coupled model sea surface temperature biases