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Session C24: Satellite Observations and their Assimilation: Prospects for the Future
(conveners: J. Burrows, J. Key, S. Polavarapu, F. Rabier)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Tuesday 25 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Seyed Hamed Alemohammad, Dara Entekhabi   Merging Different Satellite Measurements of Rainfall Using Multi-scale Imagery Technique   T205B
Jerome Barre   Ozone data assimilation at high resolution over Europe with MOCAGE-PALM   T207B
Derek Brown, John Worden, David Noone   Local moistening and dehydration mechanisms derived using Lagrangian mass balance from Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer measurements of HDO and H2O   T205A
Cathy Clerbaux, Pierre Coheur   Monitoring and forecast of atmospheric composition with IASI/METOP   T206A
Simone Marilene Sievert da Costa Coelho   The use 1D-VAR as pre-processor of the NWP Data Assimilation system: CPTEC Pre-operational results   T219B
Diego Fernandez Prieto   STSE: a platform for reinforcing ESA contribution to major international scientific programmes   T217A
Michael Garay   Current and Future MISR Datasets from the NASA Terra Satellite for Model Evaluation   T199A
Claire Granier, Adrian Simmons, MACC Management Board   The Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate Project   T219A

Vincent Guidard, Nadia Fourrie, Lydie Lavanant, Francois Faijan, Pauline Martinet, Tuuli Perttula, Anais Vincensini, Florence Rabier

  Hyperspectral infrared sounders contribution to climate monitoring   T201B
Tsutomu Hihara, Daishi Satoh, Masahisa Kubota   Construction of new surface air specific humidity data set with high accuracy using multi-satellite data   T188B
Paul Ingmann, Mark R Drinkwater   ESA's Future Contributions to Climate System Observations and for a Better Understanding of Earth System Processes   T201A
Li Jian   Comparison of Remote Sensing Data and in situ Observation for winds during the development of the South China Sea Monsoon  



Lucas Jones, John S Kimball, Eric Wood, Rolf Reichle   Joint uncertainty assessment and statistical merging of multiple model and remote-sensing data records for biogeochemical modeling   T203B
Gloria Manney, Ken Minshwaner, Saroja Polavarapu, Shuzhan Ren, Karl W Hoppel, Fabrizio Sassi, Michael J Schwartz, Kirstin Krueger, Steven Pawson   Improvements in Stratopause Evolution and Transport in Advanced Data Assimilation Systems   T203A
Marion Meinvielle, Pierre Brasseur, Jean-Michel Brankart, Bernard Barnier, Thierry Penduff, Jean-Marc Molines   Optimal adjustment of atmospheric forcing parameters for long term simulations of the global ocean circulation   T207A
Thomas Milewski, Michel Bourqui   Ensemble assimilation of stratospheric temperature and ozone observations with a Chemistry-Climate Model   T200B
Nasrin Nasrollahi, Kuolin Hsu, Soroosh Sorooshian   Potential application of CloudSat cloud classification maps and MODIS multi-spectral satellite imagery in identifying false rain from satellite images   T216A
Xuan Vu Phan, Laurent Ferro-Famil, Michel Gay, Yves Durand, Gilbert Guyomar, Guy d'Urso   Electromagnetic backscattering model for snowpack adapted to X-band and Ku-band SAR satellite data  


Thierry Phulpin, Roger Saunders   The Climate Modelling Users Group in the ESA Climate Change Initiative: role and activitie   T218B
Kyle Pressel, William D Collins   Scaling of the First Order Structure Function of the AIRS Observed Water Vapor Field   T216B
Florence Rabier, Fatima Karbou   The assimilation of surface sensitive microwave observations over land and sea ice   T218A
Mohamed Abdul Wahid Rasmy, Toshio Koike   Development of a satellite land and atmosphere coupled data assimilation system in the Tibetan Plateau  


Michelle Stephens, Carl Weimer, Eileen Saiki   New technologies and applications for space-based oceanographic lidars   T206B
Jean-Noel Thepaut, Anthony P McNally, Peter Bauer   The assimilation of Satellite Data at ECMWF   T217B
Jeffrey Walker, Christoph R¸diger, Yann Kerr, Arnaud Mialon, Olivier Merlin   Validation of SMOS Soil Moisture in the Murray Darling Basin   T220A
Valery Yudin   Assimilating research satellite data in the chemistry-climate models   T187A