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Session C19: Coupled Data Assimilation for Earth System Models
(conveners: D. Stammer, M. Balmaseda, Y. Fujii, A. Rosati, D. Smith)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Tuesday 25 October
- Time: 10h30-12h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Alonso Balmaseda Magdalena, Linus Magnusson   Assessment of Initialization and Forecast strategies with coupled models   T109B
Svetlana Dubinkina, Hugues Goosse, Yoann Sallaz-Damaz   A data assimilation approach to reconstruct climate changes over the past centuries   T109A
Andrew Fox, William Sacks, David Moore, Tim Hoar, Steven Berukoff, David Schimel   Parameter estimation in the community land model using the data assimilation research testbed   T116B
Yosuke Fujii, Toshiyuki Nakaegawa, Tamaki Yasuda, Satoshi Matsumoto, Goro Yamanaka, Takahiro Toyoda, Masafumi Kamachi   Atmospheric Response to the ENSO in a Quasi-coupled Data Assimilation System   T110A
Tim Hoar, Alicia Karspeck, Kevin Raeder, Steve Yeager, Nancy Collins, Mariana Vertenstein, Gokhan Danabasoglu, Jeffrey L Anderson   Ensemble Data Assimilation in CCSM/POP and CAM   T113B
Eugenia Kalnay, Tamara Singleton   Comparison of Ensemble Kalman Filter and 4D-Var on a simple "coupled ocean-atmosphere system"   T110B
Alicia Karspeck, Stephen Yeager, Tim Hoar, Kevin Raeder, Nancy Collins, Jeffrey Anderson, Gokhan Danabasoglu   Transient, spurious and long-lasting ocean features resulting from the initialization of an ocean ensemble assimilation system   T107B
Iuliia Polkova, Armin Koehl, Detlef Stammer  

Impact of different initialization procedures on the predictive skill of an ocean-atmosphere coupled model

Hasibur Rahaman, Matthew Harrison, Stephen Griffies   Indian Ocean simulations in latest Modular Ocean Model with open boundary configuration   T115B
Harold Ritchie, Faez Bakalian, Keith Thompson, William Merryfield   Exploring joint data assimilation in a coupled two-layer diffusion-advection state space model of the atmosphere-ocean system   T114B
Guillaume Vernieres, Christian L Keppenne, Michele M Rieneker, Robin M Kovach, Jossy P Jacob   The GMAO Ocean Retrospective Analysis from the GEOS-5 Coupled System   T117B
Caihong Wen, Yan Xue, Arun Kumar   Depiction of tropical instability waves in the NCEP climate forecast system reanalysis   T113A
Yan Xue, Boyin Huang, Zeng-Zhen Hu, Arun Kumar, Caihong Wen, David Behringer, Wanqiu Wang, Pingping Xie   Evaluation of the Oceanic Component of the NCEP Climate Forecast System Reanalysis   T114A
Shaoqing Zhang, Anthony Rosati, Thomas Delworth, You-Soon Chang   Integrating Earth System Observations by Coupled Model Data Assimilation   T116A