Climate Research in Service to Society

24-28 October 2011
Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, CO, USA

March 20, 2012- Developing Plans and Priorities for Climate Science in Service to Society
Several major scientific priorities Several major scientific priorities emerged from OSC... read the article in AGU EOS by G. Asrar, A. Busalacchi and J. Hurrell
November 25 - The "long" way to Climate Services
Richard A. Kerr, science journalist, published an article in the latest issue of Science Magazine on the WCRP Conference in Denver. He argues that scientists are still striving to generate actionable science for use at the regional and local scale as many key speakers pointed to the great challenge of delivering actionable information effectively to users.... read article
October 28 - Questions Resulting from the Last Pleanary Session
During last session of the conference, the Panel of experts received from the audience 41 questions in writing. The questions have been collected and grouped into the following nine themes/topics. They will be used in defining the WCRP and its major Projects future strategy and implementation plan... see the questions
October 28 - Challenges for Sustained Climate Observations
A recent article in Nature magazine reports on one of the WCRP Conference plenary talks on Sustained Climate Observing System. Kevin Trenberth, told to the WCRP conference attendees in Denver, Colorado, that "We cannot manage what we can't measure,"... read more and see the video interview

October 26 - OSC Early Career Scientists (ECS) luncheon – Communicating climate science to the media and public
This event, sponsored by the AMS, took place at lunchtime. A panel of professional experts in communicating science presented their views and advice, followed by a question and answer period.  There was a very good turn out, an estimated 150 early career scientists attended... read more

October 28 - Best Presentation Winners
We are pleased to announce the complete list of awardees for the best posters and papers presented
at the WCRP Open Science Conference. These recipients were selected based on rigorous evaluation of 487 posters and 26 papers presented by students and early career scientists. The evaluation and selection process was carried out by a team of evaluators and a panel of judges. The awards recipients were identified for each group of posters and papers presented daily. The five grand prize-winners of iPADs were selected from the combined list of best posters and papers for the entire conference.... read more

October 26 - Need for Actionable Science
An emerging theme from the WCRP Conference: The need for actionable science. During a panel on private sector climate science and service needs, representatives from several major companies – BP, Northrup Grumman, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and The Weather Channel Companies – discussed how scientists and private enterprise can work together toward actionable information... read more

October 25 - Very Successful Posters Sessions
The poster sessions are very lively and well attended. Everyday there are two and a half hours of dedicated time for viewing and discussing with authors. These sessions are truly structured to foster discussion and dialogue.

October 25 - Outstanding Poster and Oral Presentations
Twenty-three early career and young scientists were selected for recognition on Monday, October 24 for their outstanding presentations at the WCRP Open Science Conference. The daily competition for the best posters and papers presented by young researchers pulls from approximately 120 presentations each day. Conveners carefully evaluate posters and talks by young scientists in their sessions, taking into account both scientific content and presentation technique. Winners receive high marks in categories such as originality and creativity of their approach and the organization and logical structure of their argument. Prizes for these distinguished presentations include memberships to the American Geophysical Union and the European Geosciences Union, and five overall winners will receive iPads.

October 24 - Follow the Conference On-Line
Follow the conference in facebook, twitter and YouTube. Many interviews, comments, reports are posted daily on the social media. Look for the participants comments...

Check the NewsRoom for key stories, press releases/advisories, interviews, daily highlights and much more....

October 24 - OSC Begins
Bill Ritter, former Colo. Governor, welcomes the conference participants, and encourages scientists to take heart despite U.S. political wrangling over climate: “Politics is the art of compromise but the atmosphere is not willing to negotiate.”

Michel Jarraud, WMO Secretary-General, reminds the audience that: “The future of our planet… will decisively depend on our ability to cope with climate variability and change”

David Behar of San Fran. Public Utilities Commission says: "The U.S. will need to spend $1.7 – $2.2 TRILLION between now and 2050 to keep water systems running and adapt to climate changes. “So who is paying attention to your work? We are.”

October 24 - Great turn out in Denver
More the 1900 participants from 86 countries, are attending the WCRP Open Science Conference. Such unprecedented gathering counts with the presence of 523 students plus early career scientists and 332 scientists from developing countries.

October 23 - Advanced Study Program ECSA Workshop on Regional Climate Issues in Developing Countries
The Early Career Scientist Assembly (ECSA) and the Advanced Study Program of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) invited 35 early career scientists from nearly 20 countries to attend a 3-day workshop in Boulder, Colorado, prior the WCRP Open Science Conference. The goal of the workshop was to examine a range of regional climate challenges in developing countries.... read the article published in AGU EOS by S. Tilmes, A. Monaghan and J. Done


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