CMIP evolution

Priority Variables Consultation
The CMIP International Project Office (CMIP IPO) invites you to take part in this consultation on priority variables for inclusion within a core set of variables forming the baseline for exchange of climate model data, in any intercomparison project, in accordance with FAIR data and Open Science principles. This consultation is relevant to those involved in developing and operating climate models, data infrastructure and those utilising climate model outputs.  To


Calls for Poster Clusters and Side Events at the WCRP OSC 2023

Poster Clusters

Poster clusters should be designed to bring together a community working on a specific topic within the broader conference themes. The aim is to help participants to organize their poster viewing and to provide a forum for discussion about the cluster topic. In addition to dedicated on-site poster sessions, all posters will be available on the hybrid platform poster gallery at least two weeks before the conference. Virtual poster sessions will be organized during these two



APPEAR aims to bring together research exploiting perturbed parameter ensembles (PPEs) to understand and predict the behaviour of the atmosphere and climate system.

Registrations are open for the Analysis of PPEs in Atmospheric Research (APPEAR) virtual workshop to be held over 2 days: 18 October (15:00-19:00 UTC) and 19 October 2022 (08:00-11:00 UTC). The workshop is organised under the new WCRP Earth System Modelling and Observations (ESMO) Core Project and will showcase the wide range of


 WCRP invites the community to to nominate candidates (including self-nomination) to become members of the Regional Information for Society (RIfS) Scientific Steering Group (SSG). The WCRP Regional Information for Society (RIfS)Core Project focuses on research that underpins provision of actionable information for society’s response to climate variability and change. RIfS is in its establishment phase and presents opportunities for framing and developing the directions and priority foci of



Secure your ticket for the 7th SPARC General Assembly from 24th to 28th October 2022 - pick your hub (i) the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), in Boulder, USA, (ii) the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), in Reading, UK, or (iii) the First Institute of Oceanography (FIO) in Qingdao, China and register for the GA. A preliminary SPARC GA Programme can be downloaded from the conference website. If you have any questions please This email address is


Tipping Points - from climate crisis to positive transformation

This meeting, co-convened by Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and Tim Lenton, Director of Global Systems Institute, is a ‘call to action’ to form an alliance to improve warnings of the proximity of catastrophic climate tipping points and to accelerate positive tipping points to avert the climate crisis. Speakers will be from academia, industry, government, and third sectors. The meeting is sponsored by the WCRP Safe Landing Climates Lighthouse