Past Global Changes (PAGES)

The Past Global Changes (PAGES) project is pleased to announce the 2nd volume of its new paleoscience magazine for teenagers, young adults, and people of all ages interested in Earth’s history. 

This new issue shows how some warm periods occurred in the past, and the challenging adaptations that Earth and humanity had to undergo to cope with climate change impacts. In addition, it stresses how past warm time intervals were different from the one we are living today, and what it may mean to


 8th SOLAS Open Science Conference

The Surface Ocean–Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS), an international and interdisciplinary research project on biogeochemical-physical air-sea interactions and processes will hold its 8th SOLAS Open Science Conference on 25-29 September 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa (hybrid format).

  • The deadline for abstract & discussion session proposal submission, and travel fund application is 10th June 2022 ;
  • The deadline for Early Career Scientist Day (ECSD) application is 25th July 2022;
  • The