Contact: Michael S. Fox-Rabinovitz

Variable-resolution GCMs using a global stretched grid (SG) with enhanced regional resolution over the area(s)s of interest represent a viable new approach to regional climate and climate change studies and applications.Using the advanced numerical technique will provide increased computational efficiency for the new SG-GCM, and will allow us to employ more flexible stretching strategies. The SGMIP (Stretched-Grid Model Intercomparison Project), with participation of NASA/GSFC, RPN/Canadian Meteorological Center, Meteo-France, and Australian CSIRO, has a potential connection to AMIP-II.


  • Fox-Rabinovitz, M. S., L.V. Stenchikov, M. J. Suarez, L. L.Takacs, and R.C. Govindaraju, 2000: An uniform and variable resolution stretched-grid GCM dynamical core with real orography. Mon. Wea. Rev., 128 (6), 1883-1898.