Junior Professional Officer

Lian Xue is a researcher specialized in the interaction between weather-climate and atmospheric compositions. She obtained her Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences from Nanjing University, China. Her field of interest lies on the impact of weather/climate events on synoptic, sub-seasonal, seasonal, and interannual scales around the world, as well as how natural and anthropogenic activities would act or respond. Lian is skilled at multi-sources data analysis and climate modelling. At the WCRP Secretariat, Lian will help supporting projects involving hydrology, precipitation, and monsoons. Prior to joining the WMO, she was a research scientist at the School of Atmospheric Sciences at Nanjing University. 

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and traveling, and she wishes she could develop a similar enthusiasm for working out. She owns a little schnauzer named Nino after El NiƱo, in honor of her first research topic. 

Lian XUE
WCRP Secretariat
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