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Session C7: Atmospheric Composition and Forcings
(conveners: M. Santee, J.S. Daniel, M.I. Hegglin, P. Rasch)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Monday 24 October
- Time: post 18h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Jan Aschmann, Sinnhuber Björn-Martin   Impact of deep convection and dehydration on stratospheric bromine loading  
Christian Blume, Katja Matthes, Illia Horenko, Olga Kaise   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA Intercomparison Activities: Quantifying the Impact of Natural and Anthropogenic Forcings on Ozone  
Peter Braesicke, Luke Abraham, Alex Archibald, Paul Telford, John Pyle   Can we model the impact of the Asian summer monsoon anticyclone on UTLS composition?  
Gabriel Chiodo, Katja Matthes, Kuni Kodera, Natalia Calvo   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: Sensitivity of the atmospheric response to idealized spectrally resolved solar forcing in WACCM  
John Daniel, Robert W Portmann, Susan Solomon, Daniel M Murphy   Approaches to evaluating weekly cycle significance: The Good, The Bad, and the Absent  



Felix Ebojie, Christian von Savigny, Annette Ladstätter-Weissenmayer, Stefan Bötel, Heinrich P Bovensmann, John P Burrows   Global tropospheric ozone distribution derived from SCIAMACHY limb-nadir matching observations.  
Piers Forster, Alexandru Rap, James Haywood   Spreading contrails and their radiative forcing  
Bernd Funke, Andreas Baumgaertner, Marco Calisto, Tanja Egorova, Charles H Jackman, Jens Kieser, Alexei Krivolutsky, Manuel Lopez-Puertas, Dan R Marsh, Thomas Reddmann, Eugene Rozanov, Sanna-Mari Salmi, Miriam Sinnhuber, Gabrielle P Stiller, Pekka T Verronen, Stefan Versick, Thomas von Clarmann, T. Y Vyushkova, Nadine Wieters, Jan M Wissing   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: Composition changes after the "Halloween" solar proton event (HEPPA-I exercise)  
Bernd Funke, Tatiana Egorova, Charles H Jackman, Jens Kieser, Alexei Krivolutsky, Alyn Lambert, Manuel Lopez-Puertas, Dan R Marsh, Cora Randall, Thomas Reddmann, Eugene Rozanov, Sanna-Mari Salmi, Kirill Semeniuk, Hauke Schmidt, Annika Sepp_l_, Kiyotaka Shibata, Miriam Sinnhuber, Gabriele P Stiller, Pekka Verronen, Stefan Versick, Joachim Urban, Thomas von Clarmann, Nadine Wieters, Holger Winkler, Kaley Walker, Jan M Wissing   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: Odd nitrogen descent during the 2009 NH winter and its implication on stratospheric chemistry (HEPPA-II exercise)  
Axel Gabriel, Deniz Demirhan Bari, Ines Hoeschel, Ingo Kirchner, Dieter H.W. Peters, Hans-F. Graf   On the possible role of zonally asymmetric stratospheric ozone and water vapor on long-term changes in the atmospheric circulation  
Ines Hoeschel, Axel Gabriel, Ingo Kirchner, Semjon Schimanke, Dieter Peters, Hans F Graf   Climate signals in stratosphere, troposphere and ocean through changing radiative forcing by zonal asymmetries in ozone  
Laura Holt   Transport of NOx created by energetic particle precipitation from the mesosphere-lower thermoshere to the stratosphere  
Lon Hood, Boris E Soukharev   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA Intercomparison Activities: Possible Feedbacks of the Pacific Climate Response to 11-Year Solar Forcing on Lower Stratospheric Ozone at Tropical and Subtropical Latitudes  
Xianglei Huang, Huiwen Chuang, Gerald L Potter, Norman G Loeb, Jason Cole, Lazaros Oreopoulos, Dongmin Lee, Max Suarez   Band-by-band Cloud Radiative Forcing: new dimension to evaluate the GCM simulation and understand cloud feedback  
Andreas Jonsson, Victor I Fomichev, David A Plummer   Contributions of different forcings to changes in stratospheric temperature and composition  
Sumita Kedia, S Ramachandran   Seasonal variability in aerosol optical and physical characteristics over Indo-Gangetic plain: Implications and sensitivity to aerosol radiative effects  
Reto Knutti, Markus Huber   Contributions to the observed surface warming from different radiative forcing components  
Anne Kubin, Katja Matthes, Ulrike Langematz   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: A comparison of the 11-year solar signal, the ENSO signal and the QBO signal in transient CCM simulations using filtered forcings  
Anne Kubin, Katja Matthes, Kiyotaka Shibata, Ulrike Langematz, Kunihiko Kodera   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: Coordinated model runs to investigate aliasing of different factors in the tropical lower stratosphere  
Daniel Marsh, Charles H Jackman   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: Recent developments in the modeling of EPP in Chemistry Climate and Chemical Transport Models  
Katja Matthes, Kunihiko Kodera   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: Global aspect of the QBO modulation of the solar influence on the stratosphere  
Katja Matthes, Joanna D Haigh, Felicitas Hansen, Jerry Harder, Sarah Ineson, Kunihiko Kodera, Ulrike Langematz, Daniel R Marsh, Aimee Merkel, Paul Newman, Adam Scaife, Richard Stolarski, William Swartz   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA Intercomparison Activities: Multi-Model Comparisons of the Sensitivity of the Atmospheric Response to the SORCE Solar Irradiance Data Set  
Katja Matthes, Kunihiko Kodera, SOLARIS consortium   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: Overview of SOLARIS Activities  
Katja Matthes, Felicitas Hansen   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA intercomparison activities: Sensitivity of stratospheric dynamics and chemistry to QBO nudging width in the chemistry-climate model WACCM  
Amanda Maycock, Keith P Shine, Manoj M Joshi   Stratospheric water vapour and climate: sensitivity of climate response to the representation of radiative processes  
Olaf Morgenstern, Keith Lassey, William Allan, Xin Yang, Peter Braesicke, Steven Hardiman, Colin E Johnson   Impact of marine inorganic chlorine emissions on the tropospheric oxidizing capacity  
Ned Nikolov, Karl Zeller   Expanding the concept of atmospheric greenhouse effect using thermodynamic principles: Implications for predicting future climate change  
Luke Oman, Anne R Douglass, Jerry R Ziemke, Darryn W Waugh, Chang Lang, Jose M Rodriguez, J. E Nielsen   Modeling and Observations of the Response of Tropical Tropospheric Ozone to ENSO  
Ethan Peck, Cora E Randall, V. Lynn Harvey, Daniel Marsh   SOLARIS/HEPPA poster cluster: EPP effects in WACCM4 with a coupled ocean model  
Rolf Philipona   Greenhouse warming and solar brightening in and around the Alps  
Robert Portmann, John S Daniel, Susan Solomon, Daniel M Murphy   Significance of weekly cycles in temperature  
Jesus Ramirez Almoguea   Tropospheric ozone and its effectson the main agricultural crops of the region  
William Randel, Mijeong Park, Elisabeth Moyer, Eric Jensen, Peter Bernath, Kaley Walker   Water isotopes in the UTLS derived from ACE-FTS satellite measurements  
Markus Rex, Peter von der Gathen, Ross J Salawitch   Arctic ozone loss and climate change  
Martin Riese, Felix Ploeger, Bärbel Vogel, Paul Konopka, Piers Forster   Impact of uncertainties in transport representation on UTLS composition modeling and radiative forcing  
William Sturges, Johannes Laube, David Oram, Christopher Hogan, Francis Mani, Andreas Engel, Harald Bonisch, Paul Fraser, Michael Leist, Carl Brenninkmeijer, Thomas Rockmann   "New" fluorocarbon gases in the atmosphere  
Joachim Urban, Donal Murtagh, Yvan Orsolini, Stefan Lossow   SPARC SOLARIS & HEPPA: Direct and indirect effects of high energetic particle precipitation on middle atmospheric composition as observed by the Odin Sub-Millimetre Radiometer  
Guus Velders, John S Daniel   New scenarios for ozone depleting substances: Results from the WMO/UNEP Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion, 2010  
Shingo Watanabe   Future projections of surface UV-B in a changing climate