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Monday 24 October

Session B1: Prediction from Sub-seasonal to Multi-decadal Scales
(conveners: D. Anderson, G. Brunet, B. Kirtman, I.-S. Kang)

- Contributions to this session are oral presentations
- Date: 24 October 2011
- Time: 13h30-18h00
- Location: Plaza F

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13:30-13:50   Randall Dole (invited)   Linking weather and climate
13:50-14:10   Randal Koster (invited)   GLACE-2: Impact of land initialization on subseasonal forecasts
14:10-14:25   Cecilia Bitz   The predictability of Arctic sea ice
14:25-14:40   William Merryfield   CHFP2: A coupled multi-seasonal forecast system for Canada
14:40-14:55   Franco Molteni   Predictability of tropical rainfall in the ECMWF seasonal forecast systems
14:55-15:10   Joseph Tribbia   The influence of low-frequency variability on the life cycles of high-impact weather during the winters of 2009-2011: simulations, predictions and observations
15:10-15:30   Timothy Stockdale (invited)   Strategies for improving seasonal prediction
Coffee break
16:00-16:20   Tim Palmer (invited)   Use of seamless prediction techniques to estimate and reduce uncertainties in multi-decadal forecasts of climate change
16:20-16:35   Wilco Hazeleger   Seamless Earth System prediction illustrated with EC-Earth
16:35-16:55   Sardeshmukh Prashant D. (invited)   A tropical source of error in multi-decadal climate predictions
16:55-17:10   Mojib Latif   The Equatorial Atlantic zonal mode: Dynamics, predictability and implications for ENSO forecasting
17:10-17:25   Paulo Nobre   Coupled ocean-land-atmosphere modeling of South American-tropical atlantic climate
17:25-17:45   Doug Smith (invited)   Decadal predictions of the Atlantic ocean and hurricane numbers
17:45-18:00   H. Lopez   Impact of Interactive Westerly Wind Bursts in CCSM3
18:00-18:15   Timothy Del Sole  

Seamless diagnosis of predictability on mulitple timescales

18:15-18:35   Amy Solomon (invited)  

A metrics framework to assess and validate decadal climate predictions and simulations