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Session C9: Oceans and Climate
(conveners: T. Lee, W. Hazeleger, T. Suga, J. Brown, M. Barreiro)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Monday 24 October
- Time: post 18h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Lesley Allison, Helen L Johnson, David P Marshall   Spin-up and adjustment of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and global pycnocline  
Lesley Allison, Adam T Blaker, Laura Jackson, Daniel Williamson, Peter G Challenor   Towards a risk assessment for a collapse of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation: Initial results from the RAPIT project  
Lesley Allison, Robin S Smith, Ed Hawkins, Tim J Woollings, Jonathan M Gregory   Understanding bistability of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in an atmosphere-ocean general circulation model  
Tercio Ambrizzi, Andrea S Taschetto   Can Indian Ocean SST anomalies influence South American rainfall?  
Soon-Il An, Choi Jung   The impacts of North Atlantic Multidecadal Variability on the Tropical Pacific Climate Variability  
Marina Azaneu, Rodrigo Kerr, Mauricio M Mata   Antarctic Bottom Water changes during the last fifty years  
Marcelo Barreiro, Annalisa Cherchi, Simona Masina   The climate sensitivity to changes in oceanic heat transport  
Lisa Beal, Arne Biastoch, Will de Ruijter, Rainer Zahn, Frank Peeters, Mathieu Rouault   On the role of the Agulhas system in ocean circulation and climate  
Carmen Boening, Tong Lee   The ECCO Consortium: The impacts of Central- and Eastern-Pacific El Nino events on the Southern Ocean  
Mark Bourassa, Joel P Scott   Oceans and climate: Surface turbulent fluxes from extreme mid-latitude cyclones  
Peter Brandt, Andreas Funk, Verena Hormann, Marcus Dengler, Richard Greatbatch, John M Toole   Interannual atmospheric variability forced by the deep equatorial Atlantic Ocean  
Holger Brix, Dimitris Menemenlis, Chris Hill, Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Mick Follows, Daiwei Wang, Oliver Jahn, Hong Zhang, Kevin Bowman   The ECCO Consortium: Estimates of air-sea carbon exchange between turbulent ocean and atmosphere during 2009-2010  
Frank Bryan, Peter Gent, Cecilia Bitz, Ben Kirtman, James Kinter, Robert Tomas   The role of ocean mesoscale eddies in the response of the climate system to increasing greenhouse gases  
Pablo Canziani, Barbara Grassi, Gianluca Redaelli, Guido Visconti   Tropical tropopause and PDO regime shift  
Antonietta Capotondi   Climate Change in upper-ocean stratification as inferred from the IPCC-Ar4 Models  
James Carton, Frank Bryan   Oceanic floods and droughts: Sea surface salinity, and climate  
Ayan Chaudhuri, Rui M Ponte, Patrick Heimbach, Charmaine King   The ECCO Consortium: A comparison of atmospheric re-analysis products for the ocean and associated uncertainties in atmospheric forcing fields  
Lola Corre, Laurent Terray, Aurélien Ribes   Detection of human influence in recent upper ocean temperature and salinity changes  
Bruno Deremble, Wienders Nicolas, William K Dewar   High resolution estimate of surface potential vorticity fluxes in the region of the separated Gulf Stream  
Kyla Drushka   Interactions between El Nino and intraseasonal air-sea interactions in the tropical Pacific Ocean  
John Duke   Trans-timescale global cooling by weakened Pacific Sverdrup transport  
Lin Feng, Weidong Yu, Yue Fang   The contrasting effects of the equatorial Pacific on the rainfall in Southwest China during its dry season  
Gael Forget, Patrick Heimbach, Rui Ponte   The ECCO Consortium: Assessing the respective value of global observing systems  
Ichiro Fukumori, Ou Wang   The ECCO Consortium: Distinguishing decadal sea level change due to heating and freshwater input from redistribution by ocean circulation  
Ichiro Fukumori, Patrick Heimbach, Rui Ponte, Tong Lee, Gael Forget, Carl Wunsch   The ECCO Consortium: The ECCO-CLIVAR ocean state estimate for climate applications  
Alexandre Ganachaud, Wenju Cai   SPICE: Southwest pacific ocean circulation and climate experiment  
Guillaume Gastineau, Claude Frankignoul, Young-Oh Kwon   Cold-season atmospheric response to the natural variability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation  
Michelle Gierach, Tong Lee   Consistency of sea surface temperature analyses in depicting ENSO behavior  
Donata Giglio, Dean Roemmich   Wind-driven Variability of the Subtropical Pacific Ocean  
Daria Halkides, Duane Waliser, Tong Lee   The ECCO consortium: Analysis of intraseasonal mixed layer processes in the tropics with relevance to DYNAMO  
Ed Hawkins, Robin Smith, Lesley Allison, Jonathan Gregory, Tim Woollings, Holger Pohlmann, Beverly de Cuevas   Bistability of the Atlantic overturning circulation in a global climate model and links to ocean freshwater transport  
Patrick Heimbach   The ECCO Consortium: Adjoint sensitivities of sub-ice shelf melt rates to ocean circulation under Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica  
Patrick Heimbach   The ECCO Consortium: Comparison of measures of AMOC variability as expressed through adjoint sensitivities  
Hiroshi Ichikawa   Seasonal difference in relationship between the sea surface heat flux in the Kuroshio Extension region and the North Pacific Index  
Gregory Johnson, John M Lyman   Estimating upper ocean heat content  
Taiyo Kobayashi, Keisuke Mizuno, Toshio Suga   Long-term variations of surface and intermediate waters in the southern Indian Ocean along 32S  
Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, V Krishnamurthy  

Influence of decadal variability of global oceans on South Asian monsoon and ENSO-monsoon relation

Till Kuhlbrodt, Len C Shaffrey, Jonathan M Gregory   Eddy saturation and ocean heat uptake in a climate model with an eddy-permitting ocean  
Young-Oh Kwon, Terrence M Joyce   Co-variability between the Northern Hemisphere atmospheric meridional transient eddy fluxes and ocean frontal variability near the western boundary current regions  
Tong Lee, Daria Halkides, Will Hobbs, Josh Willis, Ichiro Fukumori, Ed Armstrong, Akiko Hayashi, Tim Liu, Bill Patzert, Ou Wang   The ECCO Consortium: what caused the record warming event in the South Pacific associated with El Nino 2009-10?  
Lin Liu, Weidong Yu, Tim Li   The air-sea coupling associated with the Indian Ocean Dipole diagnosed from CMIP3 coupled models  
Lingling Liu, Ruixin Huang   The global subduction/obduction rates, their interannual and decadal variability  
Timothy Liu, Naoto Ebuchi, Xiaosu Xie   Ocean surface wind and stress vectors as essential climate variable  
Juliana Marson, Mauricio M Mata, Augusto Pereira, Luciana Prado, Dalton Sasaki, Natalia Signorelli, Marcos Tonelli, Ilana Wainer   Antarctic coastal circulation changes and their possible causes  
Brandi McCarty, James H Churnside   Latitudinal trends of chlorophyll-a concentration and aerosol optical depth in the mid-Pacific Ocean  
Darren McKee, Xiaojun Yuan, Arnold L Gordon, Bruce A Huber, Zhaoqian Dong   Climate Impact on Interannual Variability of Weddell Sea Bottom Water  
John Mejia   Coupled GCM SST biases and their effect on regional downscaling efforts  
Dimitris Menemenlis, Jean-Michel Campin, Gael Forget, Patrick Heimbach, Chris Hill, An Nguyen, Michael Schodlok, Hong Zhang   The ECCO Consortium: Applications of eddying global ocean and sea ice state estimates  
Ralf Milliff, David Long, Ernesto Rodriguez, Robert Gaston   Oceans and Climate: The TropSat Observatory for Mesoscale Convective System Processes in the Global Maritime Tropics  
Erwan Monier   The Slab Ocean El Nino in a doubled CO2 world  
Hisashi Nakamura, Takeaki Sampe, Fumiaki Ogawa   Influence of a midlatitude oceanic frontal zone on the formation of a storm-track and eddy-driven jet and their dominant variability  
Balachandrudu Narapusetty, Ben P Kirtman   Impact of Tropical Instability Waves in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific  
An Nguyen, Patrick Heimbach, Rui Ponte, Ian Fenty   The ECCO Consortium: Progress and Assessment of the Arctic & sub-polar North Atlantic state estimate  
Masami Nonaka, Bunmei Taguchi, Hisashi Nakamura, Hideharu Sasaki   A mechanism for decadal variability in intensity of the Kuroshio Extension Current in an eddy-resolving OGCM  
Lavinia Patara, Claus Böning, Arne Biastoch, Erik Behrens   The response of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to recent climate change in non-eddying and eddy-permitting ocean simulations  
Thierry Penduff, Mélanie Juza, Bernard Barnier, Jan Zika, William K Dewar, Anne-Marie Treguier, Jean-Marc Molines, Nicole Audiffren, Bruno Deremble   Intrinsic variability in the global eddying ocean at interannual timescales: sea-level, sea-surface temperature, overturning  
Kelly Perry, Burt Jones   Impact of Regional Climate Variability on Harmful Algal Blooms along the Coast of Southern California  
Christopher Piecuch, Rui M Ponte   The ECCO Consortium: Importance of general circulation changes to Atlantic Ocean heat storage rates  
Alexander Polonsky   Climate Changes in the North Atlantic Region  
Rui M Ponte   The ECCO Consortium: Assessing deep ocean variability and implications for the observing system  
Scott Power, Greg Kociuba   The impact of global warming on the Southern Oscillation Index  
Luciana Prado, Juliana M Marson, Augusto F Pereira, Dalton K Sasaki, Natalia T Signorelli, Marcos F Tonelli, Ilana F Wainer   Planetary scale climatic indices and their correlation with precipitation in Sao Paulo  
Dian Putrasahan, Art Miller, Hyodae Seo   Coupled ocean-atmosphere interactions and local impact of mesoscale SST on atmospheric boundary layer along SST fronts  
Jon Robson, Rowan Sutton, Katja Lohmann, Doug Smith, Matt Palmer   Causes of the rapid warming of the North Atlantic in the mid 1990s  
Michael Schodlok, Dimitris Menemenlis, Eric Rignot, Michael Studinger, Eric Larour   The ECCO Consortium: Sensitivities of the Ocean - Ice Shelf System in the ECCO2 data synthesis  
Michael Sigmond, Catherine Reader, John Fyfe, Nathan Gillett   Drivers of past and future Southern Ocean change: stratospheric ozone versus greenhouse gas impacts  
Zhenya Song, Fangli Qiao   The establishment of the atmosphere-wave-ocean circulation coupled models  
Fiammetta Straneo, David Sutherland, Helen Johnson, David Holland, Eric Rignot   Melting of Greenland's Glaciers by Atlantic Waters  
Toshio Suga, Hiroko Saito, Kimio Hanawa, Nobuyuki Shikama   The transition region mode water of the North Pacific and its rapid modification  
Shusaku Sugimoto, Kimio Hanawa   Recirculation gyre south off Japan: Its detection and strength changes related to the Aleutian Low activity  
Lynne Talley, Joseph L Reid   Global overturning circulation: freshwater transports and down-gradient flow  
Robert Tomas, Frank 0 Bryan, Justin Small, Ben Kirtman   Ocean-atmosphere coupling in the eddy-resolving regime  
Marcos Tonelli   Ross Sea water masses numerical investigation using the Regional Ocean Model System ? ROMS with a sea ice/ice sheet parametrization module  
Laurie Trenary, Weiqing Han   Intraseasonal-to-interannual variability of South Indian Ocean sea level and thermocline: Remote versus local forcing  
Denis Volkov, Victor Zlotnicki   The ECCO Consortium: Antarctic circumpolar current fronts inferred from ECCO2 and mean dynamic topography products  
Fan Wang, Yuanlong Li   Observed Structures and dynamics of the subsurface currents in the Philippine Sea  
Jih-Wang Wang, Weiqing Han   Impact of 1999 Orissa cyclone on dynamics and heat budget of the Bay of Bengal  
Caihong Wen, Ping Chang, Ramalingam Saravanan   Effect of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation on tropical Atlantic variability: A regional coupled model study  
Fangguo Zhai, Dunxin Hu   Interannual variability of North Equatorial Current geostrophic transport across 137∞E  
Qing Yun Zhang   A Study on Premonitory Sign of ENSO event  
Nathalie Zilberman, Dean Roemmich,Sarah Gille   The mean and time-variability of the shallow meridional overturning circulation in the tropical South Pacific Ocean