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Session C12: Clouds, Aerosols and Climate
(conveners: M. Webb, P. Siebesma, G. Feingold)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Monday 24 October
- Time: post 18h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Claire Barber, Richard P Allan   Variability of liquid water path in marine stratocumulus clouds   M62A
Katherine Benedict, Taehyoung Lee, Jeffrey L Collett, Jr.   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Cloud water composition over the southeastern Pacific   M59A
Wenyuan Chang, Hong Liao   Impacts of anthropogenic aerosols on extreme high temperatures in eastern China : A model simulation   M46A
Bin Chen, Maromu Yamada, Guangyu Shi, Daizhou Zhang, Atsushi Matsuki, Yasunobu Iwasaka   Vertical changes in mixing state of aerosol particles in the boundary layer in Beijing, China: Balloon-borne measurements in summer and spring   M61A
Jianmin Chen   Hygroscopicity of ambient submicron particles in urban Hangzhou, China   M47A
Gerrit de Leeuw, Thomas Holzer-Popp   Extensive aerosol retrieval algorithm evaluation within the ESA aerosol_cci project   M49A
Simon de Szoeke, Christopher W Fairall   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific science confronts coupled models with ship observations   M60A
Panuganti Devara, Yeddu Rao, Sanjoy Saha, Sunil Sonbawne, Chakravartula Simha, Kanaka Kumar, Kundan Dani, Pulidindi Raj, Asha Nath   Integrating simultaneous aerosol, cloud and water vapor profiles for climate studies   M46B
Ritesh Gautam, Christina Hsu, William K Lau, Teppei J Yasunari   Impact of aerosol deposition on snow reflectance over the Himalayas by satellite observations  


Neil Gordon, Stephen A Klein   Time-invariance of low-cloud Albedo feedbacks in CMIP3   M63B
Hiroshi Ishimoto   Irregularly shaped ice aggregates on the optical modeling of convective ice clouds   M40B
Johann Jungclaus, Victor Brovkin   Simulation of climate and carbon cycle variability over the last millennium   M39B
Jan Kazil, Graham Feingold   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Sub-grid scale processes of the marine boundary layer cloud-aerosol system   M56B
Elena Kharyutkina   Variability of radiative balance components and air surface temperature over the Asian territory of Russia in the period of global warming 1979-2008   M61B
Chihiro Kodama, Akira T Noda, Masaki Satoh   An assessment of the cloud properties simulated by NICAM using ISCCP, CALIPSO, and CloudSat satellite simulators   M52A
Gabriela Lakkis, Mario Lavorato, Pablo O. Canziani   Cirrus clouds: Geometrical and optical parameters   M50B
Dongmin Lee, Lazaros Oreopoulos, Yogesh C Sud, Donifan Barahona, Athanasios Nenes, Partha S Bhattacharjee   Advancements in the representation of cloud-aerosol microphysics in the GEOS-5 AGCM   M54B
David Leon, Jefferson Snider, Paquita Zuidema, Jayson Stemmler, Gökhan Sever   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: The WCR-WCL-GVR Integrated Dataset. Expanding our observational capabilities through a combination of airborne radar, lidar, microwave radiometer, and in situ observations   M55A
Ling Li, Jianmin Chen   Monitoring optical properties of aerosols with cavity ring-down spectroscopy   M41B
Allison McComiskey, Graham Feingold, Pavlos Kollias, Edward Luke   A semi-empirical evaluation of cloud activation schemes in climate models   M54A
David Mechem, Sandra E Yuter, Simon P de Szoeke, Casey D Burleyson   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Factorial analysis of mechanisms governing the diurnal cycle in southeast Pacific stratocumulus   M57A
Brian Medeiros   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific science Southeast Pacific tratocumulus in two versions of the community atmosphere model   M60B
Hugh Morrison, Paquita Zuidema, Andrew Ackerman, Alexander Avramov, Gijs de Boer, Jiwen Fan, Ann Fridlind, Temei Hashino, Jerry Harrington, Yali Luo, Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Ben Shipway   Intercomparison of cloud model simulations of Arctic mixed-phase boundary layer clouds observed during SHEBA/FIRE-ACE   M40A
Timothy Myers, Joel R Norris   How does vertical velocity affect marine stratiform cloud cover?   M48B
Ilissa Ocko, V. Ramaswamy, Paul Ginoux, Larry Horowitz   Offsetting and complementary characteristics of sulfate and soot direct radiative forcings: Dependence on physical factors   M37B
Abhilash Panicker, Sung-Hwa Park, Dong-In Lee   Observations of Black Carbon characteristics and radiative forcing over a Global Weather watch supersite in Korea   M37A
Goran Pejanovic, Slobodan Nickovic, Mirjam Vujadinovic, Ana
Vukovic, Vladimir Djurdjevic, Milan Dacic
Atmospheric deposition of minerals in dust over the open over ocean and possible consequences on climate
Anne Perring, Ryan Spackman, Joshua P Schwarz, Laurel A Watts, RuShan Gao, Roisin Commane, Bruce C Daube, John S Holloway, et al.   Airborne observations of black carbon during CalNex 2010   M53B
Gerald Potter, Derek Poselt, Chuan-Yuan Hsu   Object based evaluation of GCM-simulated clouds and radiation for the 1998 El Nino- La Nina transition   M42B
Cynthia Randles, Peter R Colarco, Arlindo da Silva   Aerosol-climate interactions in the NASA GEOS-5 atmospheric general circulation model   M53A
Abdus Salam   Chemical characterization of atmospheric particulate matters and trace gases in a developing country (Bangladesh)   M51B
Manish Sharma   Seasonal variability of aerosol properties and their impact on radiative forcing during 2010 over Greater Noida - Northern India   M39A
Rohit Srivastava, S. Ramachandran   State of mixing of aerosols and its effect on optical and radiative properties   M34A
Jayson Stemmler, David C Leon, Jefferson R Snider, Gˆkhan Sever   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Role of drizzle and mesoscale organization in determining cloud characteristics   M56A
Claudia Stubenrauch, Stefan Kinne   GEWEX Cloud Assessment: a review   M48A
Aneesh Subramanian, Arthur J Miller, Bruce D Cornuelle   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Understanding ocean processes during VOCALS-Rex cruise in the South East Pacific in a data assimilation framework   M55B
Christopher Terai, Robert Wood, David Leon   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Does precipitation susceptibility change with increasing cloud thickness in marine stratocumulus?   M58A
Thomas Toniazzo, Steven J Abel, Robert Wood, Carlos R Mechoso, Leonard C Shaffrey   Large-scale and synoptic meteorology of the VOCALS-REx observations campaign   M41A
Victor Manuel Torres Puente, G. B. Raga   Extreme precipitation events over Southern Mexico and the eastern Tropical Pacific   M49B
Cynthia Twohy, James Anderson, Darin Toohey, Miroslaw Andrejczuk, AnnaRose Adams, Megan Lytle, Paquita Zuidema, David Leon, Rhea George, Robert Wood   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Impacts of particles on properties of stratocumulus clouds   M57B
Perola Vasconcellos, Davi Souza, Minna Aurela, karri Saarnio, Kimmo Teinila, Risto Hillamo   Chemical composition of PM2.5 and PM10 at urban and biomass burning sites in Sao Paulo State, Brazil   M50A
Sunita Verma, Swagat Payra, Manish Soni, Divya Prakash, Brent Holben   Assessment on aerosols optical properties from the observations during AERONET campaign over an urban location in India   M52B
Sun Wong, Eric Fetzer, Brian Kahn, Baijun Tian, Bjorn Lambrigtsen, Hengchun Ye   Variability of global atmospheric water vapor and heat budgets in remote-sensing and reanalysis data   M62B
Dong Wu, Robert Wood, Joao Teixeira, David Diner, Anthony Mannucci   The Spaceborne Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment (SABLE): A cost-effective mission on Iridium-NEXT   M34B
Feiqin Xie, Dong L Wu, Chi O Ao, Anthony J Mannucci, Robert E Kursinski   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Cloudy atmospheric boundary layer observations over subtropical eastern oceans from COSMIC GPS occultation   M59B
Takanobu Yamaguchi, Alan Brewer, Graham Feingold   VOCALS/Southeast Pacific Science: Evaluation of WRF-LES with ship borne data during VOCALS-REx   M58B
Damao Zhang   Quantifying dust impacts on ice generation in supercooled stratiform clouds from CALIPSO and cloudSat measurements   M38B