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Monday 24 October

Session B2: Detecting, Understanding and Predicting Extreme Climate Events
(conveners: L. Alexander, G. Hegerl, T. Knutson, P. Naveau, C. Schär, F. Zwiers)

- Contributions to this session are oral presentations
- Date: 24 October 2011
- Time: 13h30-18h00
- Location: Plaza DE

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13:30-13:35       Introductory remarks
13:35:13:55   Thomas Knutson (invited)   Atlantic hurricanes and climate change: Examining some uncertainties
13:55-14:10   Xiaolan Wang   Extra-tropical cyclone activity in the ensemble of 20th Century Reanalysis (20CRv2)
14:10-14:25   Robert Trapp   Connecting tornado and extreme convective weather occurrence to climate variability and change
14:25-14:45   Sonia Seneviratne (invited)   Intensification of climate extremes through physical feedbacks: Overview and role within climate change
14:45-15:00   Erich Fischer   Contrasting urban and rural response of heat stress associated with temperature extremes to climate change
15:00-15:15   David Easterling   Meteorological causes of observed extreme precipitation trends in the U.S.
15:15-15:30   Gerald Meehl   Understanding the U.S. east-west differential of heat extremes in terms of record temperatures and the warming hole
Coffee break
16:00-16:15   William Gutowski   Regional, extreme daily precipitation in global and regional climate simulations of North America
16:15-16:30   Filippo Giorgi   Increased hydroclimatic intensity with global warming
16:30-16:50   Myles Allen (invited)  

Extreme weather in nested ensembles: the weatherathome experiment

16:50-17:10   Richard Smith (invited)   Extreme value theory and single-event attribution
17:10-17:25   Helen Hanlon  

Constraints on temperature during the 2003 European Heatwave

17:25-17:40   Antje Weisheimer   On the predictability of the extreme summer 2003 over Europe
17:40-17:55   Robert Vautard   Development and seasonal predictability of European summer heat waves