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Session C10: Land, Water and Climate
(conveners: D. Lawrence, P. Kabat)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Monday 24 October
- Time: post 18h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Marzieh Azarderakhsh, William Rossow, Hamidreza Norouzi, Reza Khanbilvardi   Developing a routing model based on multi-satellite data sets to better estimate P-ET   M24B
Hugo Berbery, Domingo Alcaraz-Segura, Omar Muller   Time-varying biophysical properties of terrestrial ecosystems: Their use in regional climate modeling   M36A
Sandra Blatter, Manuel Pulido, Juan Ruiz   Sensitivity to changes in soil moisture and land use over the Gran Chaco Region   M32B
Boone A., Peugeot C., Demarty J, Grippa M, Benarrosh N, Brender P, Cappelaere B, Chaffard V, Charvet G., Chazarin J-P, Cloché S, Cohard J-M, Ducharne A, Fleury L, Galle S, Getirana, A., Gosset M, Guichard F, Hiernaux P, Kaptué A., Kergoat L, Lebel T, Maignan F, Mougin E, Ottlé C, Polcher J, Quantin G., Ramage K, Robert D, Roujean, J.-L., Séguis, L., Timouk F, Velluet C., Viarre J, and Vischel T.   African Monsoon Multidisciplnary Analysis (AMMA) Land Surface Model Intercomparison Project Phase 2 (ALMIP-2)   M22A
Koji Dairaku   Dynamical downscaling and socio-economic land use scenarios for regional scale adaptation to climate change in Tokyo Metropolitan Area   M25B
Paul Dirmeyer, Jiangfeng Wei, Michael G Bosilovich   Critical sources of evaporated moisture for terrestrial precipitation   M23B
Paul Dirmeyer, Jiangfeng Wei, Zhichang Guo, Li Zhang   Investigation of land-atmosphere interaction with a multi-model coupling approach   M30A
Masayuki Hara, Hiroyuki Kusaka, Fujio Kimura, Yasutaka Wakazuki   Effect of global climate change on wintertime urban heat island intensity of Tokyo metropolitan area   M26A
Andreas Hutahaean, Toshiro Saino   Daily biogeochemical processes in upper water column during winter season   M24A
Sarah Kew, Frank M Selten, Geert Lenderink   Moisture sources for extreme precipitation events in the European low countries   M32A
Randy Koster, Greg Walker   Energy and water balance controls over interannual phenology and carbon flux variations   M26B
Min-Hui Lo, James S Famiglietti   Local and remote effects of California's central valley summer irrigation on climate from GCM analyses   M31B
Hsi-Yen Ma, Carlos Mechoso, Yongkang Xue, Heng Xiao, Chien-Ming Wu, Jui-Lin Li, Fernando De Sales   Impact of land surface processes on the South American warm season climate   M28A
Stefano Materia, Joseph Tribbia, William G Large   The interaction between Congo River freshwater discharge and tropical atlantic variability  


Rui Mei, Guiling Wang   Investigation of summer land-atmosphere feedback over the U.S. with observations, reanalysis data and models   M30B
Hamidreza Norouzi, Marouane Temimi, William Rossow, Marzieh Azarderakhsh, Reza Khanbilvardi   Improvement of land surface emissivity retrieval using diurnal variation of passive microwave   M29A
Ryouta O'ishi , Ayako Abe-Ouchi   How vegetation change contribute to polar amplification in warm climate?   M27B
Zaitao Pan   Climate change feedback processes on regional scales over the continental U.S.   M23A
Camille Risi, David Noone, Sandrine Bony, JÈrÙme OgÈe, Thierry Bariac, Naama Raz-Yaseef, Lisa Wingate, Alexander Knohl, Jeffrey Welker, Christian Frankenberg   Evaluating land surface hydrological processes using water isotopic measurements and implications for land-atmosphere feedbacks on precipitation in climate change   M27A
Yolande Serra, Kerrie Geil   Dynamic downscaling of HadGeM2-ES over the intra-Americas sea and North American monsoon regions using the advanced research weather research and forecasting (WRF-ARW) regional model   M25A
Ashaq Sheikh, Palria Sarvesh   Land use land cover change and its effect on the hydrological regime of a Himalayan Watershed   M31A
Hiroshi Takahashi, Takao Yoshikane, Masayuki Hara, Fujio Kimura   Impact of SST changes on snowfall over the Sea of Japan side, using a regional climate model   M28B
Shourong Wang   Climate and hydrologic simulation in Lanjiang Basin in China   M22B
Zhuo Wang   Improvements in snow processes in research and operational models   M29B
Modathir Zaroug   The effect of the swamp of South Sudan on the regional climate of North Africa   M33A