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Session C1: Climate Variability and Change in the Australian-Asian Region
(conveners: H. Hendon, T. Yasunari, G. Wu)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Monday 24 October,
- Time: Post 18h00
- Location: Plaza Ballroom

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Ajayamohan R. S, William J Merryfield, Krishnamurthy V   Structure and trend of monsoon low pressure systems and its connection with seasonal and extreme rainfall over central India  
Alex Anila   Relation between atmospheric ozone and summer monsoon circulation over Indian region  
H. Annamalai, Jan Hafner, Markus Stowasser   The Asian-Australian Monsoon: Dynamics of climate change over the Asian monsoon region  
Munirah Ariffin, Subramaniam Moten, Siva Shangari Govindan, Diong Jeong Yik   Intraseasonal and interannual variability of the winter monsoon cold surges over the South China Sea (SCS) and its relationship to convection over southern SCS  
Mehdi Azam, Tapan Sarker   Climate change governance in the coastal region of Bangladesh: Roadmap towards sustainability  
George Backus   Risk assessment of climate systems for national security  
Wenju Cai, Tim Cowan, Peter van Rensch   Asymmetry in ENSO teleconnection with regional rainfall, its multi-decadal variability, and impact  
Jennifer L Catto, Neville Nicholls, Christian Jakob   Will the link between north Australian SST and ENSO change?  
Chih-Pei Chang, Yonghui Lei, Chung-Hsiuing Sui, Xiaohong Lin, Pao-Chun Tang, and Fumin Ren   Summer monsoon and tropical cyclone rainfall in mainland China and Taiwan since the middle 20th century  
Tsing-Chang (Mike) Chen, Wan-Ru Huang, Ming-Cheng Yen   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): Interannual variation of the late spring-early summer monsoon rainfall in the Northern part of the South China Sea  
Yongli Chen, Yongping Zhao, Fan Wang, Junqiao Feng   Decadal variability of tropical Pacific subsurface ocean temperature anomaly and its impact on climate of China  
Hua qiong Cheng, Tongwen Wu   Thermal contrast between middle-latitude Asian continent and adjacent ocean and its connection to the East Asian summer monsoon precipitation  
Robert Colman, Aurel Moise, Ramasamy Suppiah   The Australian Monsoon: Modelled climate and projected changes of Australia's wet season  
Scott Curtis   El Nino/Southern Oscillation Induced Monthly Oscillations of Precipitation: The Unique Case of the South Tropical Indian Ocean  
Aiguo Dai, Hongmei Li, Ying Sun, Li-Cao Hong, Ho Lin, Chia Chou, Tianjun Zhou   A mid-upper tropospheric link between Asian summer monsoons and the tropical sea surface temperatures  
Xingang Dai, Zhe Xiong, Koen Kramer, Ping Wang   Simulation on Grazing Dynamics of ungulates for Climate Adaptation strategies in West Inner Mongolia  
Charlotte A DeMott, Mingxuan Chen, Cristiana Stan, Don Dazlich   Is Asian monsoon precipitation overly sensitive to SST anomalies in coupled models?  
Yan Du, Shang-Ping Xie, Yanling W   The North Indian Ocean warming associated with ENSO and IOD  
Anmin Duan, Meirong Wang, Fei Li, Guoxiong Wu   Persistent weakening trend in the sensible heat source over the Tibetan Plateau and its impact on the Asian summer monsoon  
Juan Feng, Jianping Li, Yun Li   Who is responsible for the winter rainfall decreasing over the southwest Western Australian?  
Junqiao Feng, Dunxin Hu   On the role of subtropical Indian Ocean dipole in triggering the tropical Indian Ocean dipole  
Joshua X Fu, Bin Wang, June-Yi Lee, Wanqiu Wang, Li Gao   The Asian-Australian monsoon: Sensitivity of dynamical intra-seasonal prediction skills to different initial conditions  
Mikiko Fujita, Kunio Yoneyama, Shuichi Mori, Tomoe Nasuno, Masaki Satoh   Diurnal convection and water vapor peaks over the eastern Indian Ocean off Sumatra during different MJO phases  
Yoshiki Fukutomi, Tetsuzo Yasunari   Extratropical forcing of tropical wave disturbances along the Indian Ocean ITCZ  
Sachin D Ghude, Samir Pokhrel, D. R Sikka   Conflict of marine and desert origin air masses over the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP) in relation to Indian monsoon as revealed by MODIS aerosols data  
Arnold L Gordon  

The Indonesian throughflow inflow portal: Makassar Strait, it's variable profile and transport

Kyung-Ja Ha, Kyung-Sook Yun, Kyong-Hwan Seo, Bin Wang, June-Yi Lee, Jong-Ghap Jhun   Interdecadal change of the northward propagating ISO in the East Asian summer monsoon subsystem  
Rongqing Han   The Impacts of Intraseasonal Oscillations over the Subtropical Pacific on the East Asian Summer Rainfall  
Bian He, Qing Bao, Xiaocong Wang, Jiandong Li, Yimin Liu, Guoxiong Wu, Zhaobo Sun   The Asian-Australian Monsoon: Contributions of external forcing to the summer's cooling trend over East Asia  
Harry H Hendon, Ken Sperber, Carlos Ereno   The Asian-Australian Monsoon: CLIVAR Australian-Asian Monsoon panel activities  
Eddy Hermawan, Juniarti Visa, Trismidianto -, Krismianto -, Ibnu Fathrio   The development of expert system based on the index of ENSO, DMI, monsoon, and MJO for determination of early wet and dry season over Indonesia  
Rahmat Hidayat, Kentaro Ando, Yukio Masumoto, Jing-Jia Luo   Interannual rainfall variability over the northwest Java, Indonesia  
Masafumi Hirose   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): Spatiotemporal variability and uncertainty in rainfall observed by TRMM PR  
Huang-Hsiung Hsu, Yun-Lan Chen   Decadal to bidecadal rainfall variation in the western Pacific: A footprint of South Pacific decadal variability?  
Hu Wenting, Duan Anmin, Wu Guoxiong   Characteristics and mechanism of the off-equatorial Eastward propagating intraseasonal oscillation in boreal summer  
Fei Huang, Lei Zhang, Ting-Ting Fan, Bin Wang   Inconsecutive "Sandwich Structure" Pattern for High Temperature Warm Water in the Western Pacific Warm Pool  
Ying Huang   Impact of the inhomogeneous characteristics of temperature variation on the extreme precipitation events  
Nazrul Islam, Mansour Almazroui   Dust aerosol impact on the climate of the Arabian Peninsula simulated by a regional climate model  
Maoqiu Jian   Observed relationship off fall drought events in Southern China with different anomalous sea surface temperature patterns in Indo-Pacific ocean  
Edna Juanillo   El Nino Impacts on Philippine Water Resources:Focus on Angat Dam  
Yoshiyuki Kajikawa, Bin Wang   Interdecadal change of the South China sea summer monsoon onset  
Olga V Kalashnikova, Michael A Garay, Irina Sokolik, Omar Torres, Jae Lee   Climatological analysis of MISR, MODIS and OMI aerosol products in East Asian dust source regions  
Shinjiro Kanae, Keisuke Kusuhara, Yoshihiko Iseri, Yukiko Imada   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012). Stochastic assessment of typhoon risk in the Asia-Pacific region  
Daehyun Kim, Adam H Sobel, Anthony D Del Genio, Yonghua Chen, Suzana J Carmago   The Asian-Australian monsoon: Tropical intraseasonal variability simulated in the NASA GISS general circulation model  
Nicholas P Klingaman, Andrew D King, Lucy Batt   Teleconnections between ENSO and Southwest Pacific tropical cyclones in a high-resolution GCM  
Nicholas P Klingaman, Steven J Woolnough, Jozef Syktus   On the drivers of inter-annual and decadal rainfall variability in Queensland, Australia  
Krishna Mohan K.S. Mohana Kumar K., Joseph P.V.   Decadal variability and trends in the annual frequency of tropical cyclones and monsoon depressions of North Indian Ocean  
Krishnan R., Sabin T.P., Choudhury Ayantika, Sanjay J., Mujumdar M., Dufresne Jean-Louis, Ghattas Josefine, Denvil Sebastien   Detection, attribution and future projections of the South Asian regional monsoon climate  
Hisayuki Kubota, Bin Wang, Jun Matsumoto, Edwin Ginn, Esperanza O Cayanan   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): Interdecadal rainfall variability associated with typhoon and monsoon over the western north Pacific  
June-Yi Lee   The Asian-Australian monsoon: Intraseasonal to seasonal prediction using multi coupled models in APCC/CliPAS and ENSEMBLES project  
Yan Li   Comparison and analyses of existing objective, quantificational blocking indices  
Chongyin Li   Interannual variation of the Asian monsoon and TBO  
Jianping Li, Ruiqiang Ding, Zhiwei Wu, Juan Feng, Kyung-Ja Ha, Cheng Sun   Interdecadal shift in the relationship between the East Asian summer monsoon and tropical SST  
Tim Li, Pang-Chi Hsu   What causes the eastward propagation of Madden-Julian Oscillation?  
Yimin Liu, Jieli Hong  

The Asian-Australian monsoon: Mechanism associated with the difference of the flooding in Huaihe River Basin and Yangtze River Basin during Meiyu

Xiaojuan Liu, Tianjun Zhou, LiXia Zhang, Liwei Zhou, Bo Wu, ZhongXian Li   The Asian-Australian Monsoon:The Western North Pacific Summer Monsoon Simulated by GAMIL 1.0:Influences of the Parameterization of Wind Gustiness  
Mong-Ming Lu, Yun-Ching Lin   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012). Extremity of the extreme rainfall events observed in Taiwan  

Mong-Ming Lu, Ching-Teng Lee, Bin Wang

  Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012). Variation of East Asian-Western North Pacific Monsoon and the influences on typhoon activity near Taiwan  
Bishawjit Mallick, Joachim Vogt   Vulnerability to cyclone hazards of coastal livelihood in Bangladesh  
Jiangyu Mao, Guoxiong Wu   Signatures of interannual variations of early summer monsoon rainfall over South China in different PDO phases  
Buddhi B Marambe, Jeevika Weerahewa, Gamini Pushpakumara, Pradeepa L Silva, Ranjith Punyawardena, Sarath Premalal, Bimali Wijerathne, Navarathne Kandangama, Ruwan Kumara, Giashuddin Miah, Joyashree Roy, Sebak Jana   Farmer perception and adaptation to climate change in homegardens of Sri Lanka  
Andrew G Marshall, Debbie Hudson, Matthew Wheeler, Harry Hendon, Oscar Alves   Remote drivers of Australian intra-seasonal climate variability and their representation in POAMA  
Gill M Martin, Richard C Levine, Andrew G Turner, Nicholas P Klingaman, Wilfran Moufouma-Okia   Simulation of monsoons and their variability in the HadGEM2 model family  
Gill M Martin, Richard C Levine, Ruth Comer   Do Earth System processes affect future changes in monsoon variability?  
Wilhelm H May   Potential future changes in the Indian summer monsoon associated with a global warming of 2 ∫C with respect to pre-industrial times  

Gerald Meehl, Julie Arblaster

  Decadal variability of Asian-Australian monsoon-ENSO-TBO relationships  
Angélique Melet, Lionel Gourdeau, Nathacha Djath, Jacques Verron, William S Kessler   How is the Solomon Sea impacted by ENSO?  
William J Merryfield, R. S. Ajayamohan   Forecast skill of MJO in CCCma coupled models  
Mohanakumar Kesavapillai   Stratosphere troposphere coupling over Asian summer monsoon  
Mohd Hisham Mohd Anip, Anthony A Lupo   Climatological behaviors of borneo vortex during Northern hemisphere winter monsoon  
Subramaniam Moten, Siva Shangari Govindan, Jeong Yik Diong   Impact of tropical cyclones in the West North Pacific and South China Sea on the Asian Monsoon rainfall during the pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon season  
Sheau Tieh Ngai, Liew Juneng, Fredolin T Tangang   Downscaling projections of future daily rainfall over Malaysia using non-homogeneous hidden Markov model  
Tomoaki Ose, Ryo Mizuta, Hiromasa Yoshimura, Hirokazu Endo, Hiroyuki Murakami, Akio Kitoh   Future changes of Asian monsoon simulated by the improved 20km MRI/JMA AGCM  
Sharmila Pahwa, Dhiman Ramesh C.   Climatic determinants of malaria in view of climate change in Mizoram, Northeast India  
Samir Pokhrel, Sachin D Ghude, D. R Sikka   Analysis of droughts in the Indian summer monsoon rainfall in relation to drivers of the global climate system  
Christa Pudmenzky, Roger Stone, Harry Butler   El Nino-Southern Oscillation influence on the dust storm activity in Australia: Can the past provide an insight into the future?  
Mohammad Rahimi   Trends in frost days, late and early frost dates, the frost-free season over Iran during 1951-2005  
Kusuma G Rao, Ramakrishna G   Preferred regions of extreme rain events of Indian summer monsoon evolving with changing Climate  
Roop K Saini, Mathew Barlow, Andrew Hoell   Dynamics and thermodynamics of the regional response to the Indian monsoon onset  
Jun-Hyeok Son, Kyong-Hwan Seo, June-Yi Lee   A new look at Changma using equivalent potential temperature analysis  
Kenneth R Sperber   The Asian-Australian Monsoon: Diagnostics and metrics for evaluating GCM simulations  
Jihua Sun   Boundary layer observational analyses and study on the climatic effects in the Hengduan mountain area  
Xuguang Sun, Richard Greatbatch, Wonsun Park, Mojib Latif   Two major modes of variability of the East Asian summer monsoon  
Agus Supangat, Suzanty Sitorus   Assessing the State of the Arts of Adaptation Science and Policy in Indonesia: Using a Gap Analysis Tool By Agus Supangat  
Hiroshi G Takahashi, Yoshiki Fukutomi, Jun Matsumoto   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): Impact of cold surges of the winter monsoon on tropical cyclone activity over the Asian monsoon region  
Kumiko Tsujimoto, Toshio Koike   The post-monsoon rainfall in the western Cambodia - its mechanism and occurrence factors  
Andrew G Turner, Richard C Levine, Gill Martin   The Asian Monsoon response to ENSO in hindcasts of the Met Office GloSea4 global seasonal prediction system  
Andrew G Turner   Future projections of the Asian summer monsoon in the stream-2 integrations of the EU-ENSEMBLES project  
Frederic P Vitart, Anne Leroy, Matthew Wheeler   Intraseasonal prediction of tropical cyclones: A comparison of dynamical and statistical predictions in the Southern Hemisphere  
Bin Wang, Baoqiang Xiang   Variability and predictability of the Asian summer monsoon rainfall  
Zhi Ping WEN, Xiu Zhen LI   Atmospheric water vapor transport associated with two rainfall shifts over East China  
Satrio A Wicaksono, James M Russell   Semi-quantitative ENSO reconstruction over the Indonesian archipelago using historical documentary evidence  
Zhiwei Wu, Jianping Li, Zhihong Jiang, Jinhai He   Possible effects of the North Atlantic Oscillation on the strengthening relationship between the East Asian Summer monsoon and ENSO  
Guoxiong Wu   The Asian-Australian Monsoon: Air-Sea Interaction and Formation of the Asian Summer Monsoon Onset Vortex over the BOB  
Cunde Xiao, Guo Wanqin, Baisheng Ye, Xuejie Gao, Dongqi Zhang, Xiaoyin Guo   The changing climate and glaciers in the Himalayas and its impact on water resources  
Tomohito J Yamada, Jun Sasaki   The spatial and temporal characteristics of line shaped rain bands over the Hokkaido region during boreal summer  

Manabu D Yamanaka, Shuichi Mori, Tomoya Suga, Pei-Ming Wu, Jun-Ichi Hamada, Nobuhiko Endo, Yoshihiro Tachibana, Jun Matsumoto, Fadli Syamsudin

  Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012). Elucidating significance of land-sea coexistence in Earth's climate  
Jing Yang   Extreme drought event of 2009/2010 over Southwestern China  
Tetsuzo Yasunari, Yoshiyuki Kajikawa, Hatsuki Fujinami, Shuhei Yoshida   Long-term trends of Asian summer monsoon onset and precipitation during the recent several decades  
Akiyo Yatagai, Akio Kitoh, Tiruvalum N Krishnamurti   APHRODITE: Constructing a Long-term daily gridded precipitation dataset for Asia based on a dense network of rain gauges and improving the Asian monsoon forecasts  
Shan Yin, Jianping Li, Juan Feng   The influences of the preceding winter Northern Hemisphere annular mode to the spring extreme low temperature events in the north of eastern China  
Sansfica M Young, Pitawala Amarasooriya, Ishiga Hiroaki   Climatic variation along the Mahawelli River Sri Lanka using river sediments  
Xubin Zeng   The Asian-Australian Monsoon - Land-atmosphere interactions over the Australian-Asian monsoon region  
Wen Zhou, Ho Nam Cheung   Asian Monsoon Years (2007-2012): Blocking modes and East Asian winter monsoon