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Session C11: The Role of the Cryosphere in Climate
(conveners: T. Worby, G. Casassa)

- Contributions to this session are poster presentations
- Date: Monday 24 October
- Time: post 18h00
- Location: Exhibit Area

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Stephen Ackley, Burcu Ozsoy-Cicek, Hongjie Xie   Antarctic sea ice thickness distributions derived from surface elevation compared to measured thickness values   M115B
Michael Alexander, Clara Deser, Robert Tomas, David Lawrence   The atmospheric response to sea ice and snow cover changes Induced by global warming   M138A
David Bailey, Marika Holland, Daniel Lack, Jean-Francois Lamarque, Mark Flanner, James Corbett   Potential impacts of 21st century Arctic shipping   M126B
Uma Bhatt, Donald Walker, Martha Raynolds, Peter Bieniek, Howard Epstein, Josefino Comiso, Jorge Pinzon, Compton Tucker   Understanding recent Arctic tundra vegetation changes   M140A
Jorge Carrasco, Claudia Villarroel, Gino Casassa, Mark Falvey   Validation of the climate version of the WRF in the Northern Patagonia icefield   M140B
Gino Casassa, David N Briones, Paulina Lopez, Thomas Loriaux   GLOFs in the Chilean Andes and their relation with recent glacier variations   M119A
John Cassano, Shelley Knuth, James Maslanik   Wintertime observations of air-sea fluxes in an Antarctic polynya   M141A
Richard Cullather, Michael G Bosilovich, Sirpa M Häkkinen   Arctic storm tracks and their relation to sea ice cover   M116A
Christopher Cunningham, Jose P Bonatti   Potential influences on the Southern hemisphere atmospheric circulation of negative and positive sea ice extention anomalies in the Ross sea  


Chris Derksen, Ross Brown, Libo Wang, Stephen Howell, Peter Toose, Martin Sharp, Gabriel Wolken, Anne Walker   New perspectives on the cryosphere from satellite derived datasets developed during International Polar Year   M124A
Claude Duguay, Diego Fernandez-Prieto, Hanna Alasalmi, Yves Gauthier, Eirik Malnes, Lars Marklund, Terry Prowse, Laura Rontu, Helmut Rott, Patrick Samuelsson, Rune Solberg   ESA's STSE North hydrology project: Overview and early results   M118A
Dyre Dammann, Uma Bhatt, Jeremy Krieger, Peter Langen, Xiangdong Zhang   Impact of daily Arctic sea ice variability on an atmospheric GCM   M121A
Hajo Eicken, Igor Krupnik, Mark Johnson   Seasonality of sea ice in the Bering and Chukchi seas from geophysical data and community-based observations   M136B
Jennifer Francis, Stephen Vavrus   Links between Arctic Amplification and Extreme Weather Events in Mid-latitudes   M123B
Sebastian Gerland, Angelika H Renner, Mats A Granskog, Edmond Hansen, Christian Haas   Regional sea ice thickness distribution in the Svalbard region and Fram Strait from airborne and in situ observations   M129B
Debjani Ghatak, Clara Deser, Allan Frei, Gavin Gong, David Robinson, Julienne Stroeve   Does Arctic sea ice melt affect the Eurasian snow?   M117B
William Gutowski, Wieslaw Maslowski, John Cassano, Dennis Lettenmaier, Tony Craig, Brandon Fisel, Justin Glisan, Matthew Higgins, Jaromir Jakacki, Andrew Roberts, Chunmei Zhu   Regional Arctic Climate Model (RACM): Overview and selected results   M129A
Guenther Heinemann, Sascha Willmes, Lars Ebner, Susanne Adams, Martin Bauer, David Schroeder, Ralph Timmermann   How much sea ice is produced in the Laptev Sea of the Siberian Arctic?   M120A
Glen Liston, Christopher Hiemstra   The changing cryosphere: Pan-Arctic snow trends (1979-2009)   M138B
Thomas Loriaux, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Gino Casassa   Areal changes of glacial lakes from the Northern and Southern Patagonia Icefields   M116B
Irina Mahlstein, Reto Knutti   September Arctic sea ice predicted to disappear for 2∞C global warming above present   M137A
François Massonnet, Pierre Mathiot, Thierry Fichefet, Hugues Goosse, Christof Kˆnig Beatty, Martin Vancoppenolle   A data assimilation approach for reconstructing sea ice volume in the Southern Hemisphere   M115A
Gregory McCabe, David Wolock   Recent declines in Western US snowpack in the context of 20th century climate variability   M128B
Masayo Ogi, Koji Yamazaki, John M Wallace   Influence of winter and summer surface wind anomalies on Summer Arctic sea ice extent   M122A
Don Perovich, Ralf Doescher, Hajo Eicken, Sebastian Gerland, Alexander Makshtas, Walt Meier, Jinping Zhao   Observations for climate: Facilitating a collaborative, integrative approach to Arctic sea ice studies   M124B
Ola Persson, Amy Solomon   Impacts of free-tropospheric processes on Arctic sea-ice melt-season transitions and transition trends   M121B
Jackie Richter-Menge, Donald Perovich, Humfrey Melling, Sue E Moore   Observations for climate: Monitoring changes in Arctic sea ice thickness, mass balance and marine mammal activity   M125A
David Robinson, Thomas Estilow, Gina Henderson, Daniel Leathers   Hemispheric snow cover extent variability   M119B
Adam Schlosser, Xiang Gao, Katey Walter, Andrei Sokolov, Qianlai Zhuang, David Kicklighter   Quantifying future changes in high-latitude methane emissions and potential climate feedback under regional climate-change uncertainty   M127B
Natalia Signorelli, Ilana Wainer, Juliana Marson, Augusto Pereira, Luciana Prado, Dalton Sasaki, Marcos Tonelli   The role of Antarctic sea ice on the variability of the Antarctic Intermediate Water   M139A
Gunnar Spreen, Ron Kwok, Dimitris Menemenlis   Trends in Arctic sea ice speed and wind speed during 1992-2009   M139B
Hans Christian Steen-Larsen , David Noone, David Schneider, Max Berkelhammer, James White, Konrad Steffen   Observing and documenting the snow surface processes creating the isotopic signal in the snow at Summit, Greenland   M125B
Julienne Stroeve, James Maslanik, Charles Fowler   Distribution and trends in Arctic sea ice age and implications for the future   M117A
Arild Sundfjord, Angelika H Renner, Sebastian Gerland, Mats A Granskog, Edmond Hansen, Vladimir Pavlov, Stein Tronstad, Ola Brandt, Paul Dodd, Marie Dumont, Harvey Goodwin, et al.   Studies of processes governing Arctic sea ice development - the ICE-Fluxes project   M137B
Timo Vihma   Interaction of Arctic sea ice, air moisture, and clouds   M122B
Justin Wettstein, Clara Deser   Internal variability in simulated 21st century Arctic sea ice evolutions: Climate forcing and response   M123A
Scott Williamson, David Hik, John Gamon, Jeffery Kavanaugh, Gwenn Flowers   Evaluating the feedback to Land Surface Temperature resulting from changing snow cover   M118B
Baisheng Ye   Hydrological process change with air temperature over the Lena Basin in Siberia   M120B
Rodrigo Zamora, Jose A Uribe, Gino Casassa, Mariusz Potocki, Bjorn Grigholm, Paul Mayewski   Radar surveys of ice thickness and snow stratigraphy at Tupungatito Glacier, a high altitude glacier site in the central Chilean Andes   M128A